Michael Cinco / Golden Bay

I was really looking forward to Rajo Laurel’s fashion show at SMX function room 5. However, we were only able to watch Michael Cinco’s fashion show at function room 4 since the very fashionable, birkin-toting tita Kilet, our “Go To” person who was supposed to get us in, was already at the Ms. Earth pageant.

But we were quite happy with Michael Cinco’s show. He didn’t fail nor disappoint. From the props to the stage design to the clothes, it was all FANTABULOUS! <3

Now ate is really in a bind on who she wants to design her debut cocktail dress haha! :P

Lucky kids! m/
VIP entrance -no long lines.. this is the life!
and breadsticks! ;)
Michael Cinco’s opening number -angelic kids!
This is my favorite gown of all! <3 

Hunks wearing bench underwear! @_@
and more hunks up close!!! ;P
Michael Cinco himself! *clap clap clap* 
Delighted audience :)

It felt “bitin” though, & everything went too fast. Too bad we weren’t able to get in Rajo’s show. The line was a mile long -and we didn’t have tickets, or tita Kilet to get us in! ;P

Since we had our no nonsense “drivers” with us, we had a late dinner at the nearby Golden Bay Fresh Seafood Restaurant. Yes, they didn’t want to go far anymore -such old farts! ;))

I think my hunny got the surprise of his life to find out the restaurant he chose was pricey haha! :P
Tamad kasi eh! 
It reportedly cost the chinese investors 350M to put up this 3-story restaurant! @_@
It has a 2,500 capacity.
Nice china, silverware & tablecloths..
Not your usual.
Porkloin -so so.
Szechuan Chicken. This I loved. Tasted like kungpao chicken with a kick! <3
Hot prawn salad, Golden & crunchy just the way I like it.
Broccoli flower in garlic. Fresh, crunchy, and just the right amount of garlic. 
Yang chow fried rice, our usual staple.
Did not disappoint. 
Beef Hofan. One of the best I’ve tasted.
Steamed fish fillet. 
Seafood hotpot.
Complimentary desserts.. Yay! :)

Snow lady -this you really have to try.
Mochi-like skin with a sweet cream melt-in-your-mouth filling that will make you smile! ;)

The meal was really pricey -our total bill was 6,500 php, and I found the serving small compared to other “pan-to” dining. But the food was really really good. I wouldn’t mind coming back for more -just look at our happy faces! ;))

Just more than a week to go before school starts, and not a moment too soon -my wallet has really been suffering these past 2 months, haha! But no major complaints, as long as the kids enjoyed their summer vacation.

I hope we have a final hurrah before they go back to school. Fingers crossed! :-*

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