Mich Dulce Art Exhibit

Warning: This post has ADULT CONTENT.



Ate begged me to take her to see MICH DULCE’s work at the FINALE ART FILE in Chino Roces, Makati after her prelims. See saw pictures on Instagram but didn’t read the review so as to not be biased. So we really didn’t have a clue as to what it was all about. All she knows was that there was an explosion of PINK it that particular show. Plus, she wanted to be surprised. And surprised we were. BELIEVE ME! ;))


First, I strongly suggest that you read the full feature on the link below to know why. And Mich Duce’s complete story on what inspired her to do this form of art.





I love their girly & colorful outfits that day. Perfect for a day at the Gallery.



The title of Mich Dulce’s show is:
as an ode to her mother.



This is supposed to be a life-sized dollhouse. And standing in front is my very beautiful Jana doll <3
*Insert mommah’s googly-gooey eyes here* who will NOT DO anything remotely similar to any of the drawings on the wall!



At first, you’d think it was just any ordinary, VERY PINK (as if a unicorn threw up on it) dollhouse & you’d start to wonder what was so special about it.




Turns out, it’s a VERY NAUGHTY, VERY EROTIC show on sex & bondage!!! @_@



These were the prints on the 4 walls of the doll house. HO.HEM.GEE! :))




There’s a mirror on the inside of the bloody loo & ate wanted a selfie shot!





This says, and I quote.. Wash your pengpay or your husband will not kiss it.
And this was often told to Mich by her very own mother at age 5!
Uhhhmmm ???




Washing & Toilet.. get it?


Yep. She’s so fascinated! :P This is taboo for us, being so sheltered, so she’s like big-eyed HUH???



I did warn you about the adult content on this post right?
Pls. don’t get offended. This is supposedly ART.
I didn’t know how to cover my Lovey’s eyes since she was the one who noticed the naughty wallpaper & pointed out to me!



“Nakakahiya ang babaeng hindi marunong sa kusina. Hmmnnn, I am HIGHLY offended, harhar! ;))



Oh ate, nakakahiya ka daw! Tawa ka pa ng tawa diyan! ;))







If only her dad knew where I took this little innocent one.. and the very graphic print on what’s she’s sitting on.. LAGOT AKO! @_@









There is a 2nd floor where you can take a better look (or photo) of the rose-covered roof. Like the walls, the gallery is also selling the roof at 2k php per square meter. Mich Dulce herself whispered to us that a certain lady politician who is the daughter of an ex-president, who has long since passed ,already bought the toilet & the entire wall that came with it. I wonder where she will put it! And I didn’t know she had a secret fetish for such! ;)







Mich Dulce & the Gallery Owner.



The “One Day I’ll Be Everything You Ever Wanted” art show by Mich Dulce is at Finale Art File, Makati City, and runs only from January 8 to 30. Entrance is free.  So if you fancy a hanging corset, or a portion of a wall with a very naughty wallpaper print, then do head on over to Finale Art Gallery & buy your square foot, or more. I think this one will last me for a lifetime! ;))


Finale Art File is located at Warehouse 17, La Fuerza Compound (Gate 1), 2241 Chino Roces Ave., Makati City. Tel No. (+632) 813-2310 or (+632) 812 5034. Gallery hours are from Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.




PS: And because my girls are artsy fartsy, they bought me a new phone case for my new phone. Yay!!! Thank you so much babies, I LOVE IT!!! <3



Coz they said every blogger needs a dictionary hahaha! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!
Kate Spade Iphone 5S leather case, 5k.


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