Merry CHRISTmas!

The kids couldn’t contain their excitement last night, we had sort of an early noche buena -so they can open their gifts already..

We had a simple fare, for fear of bangungot if we eat too much before sleeping hahaha! ;P
Chicken macaroni salad..
and an assortment of cupcakes given to us as gifts! <3
What’s left of it, hahaha!

On to opening their christmas presents after a fast meal haha. They’ve been particularly good this year, so they got great treats from Mum & Dad! ;)

But first, a little teaser before the main event…

They always have gifts from “Santa”, even though they have outgrown him.
They never outgrow the extra presents, haha! ;P

From their ninang Marina.. So sosi!
May have outshone mine, haha! <3
Their gifts to each other.. so sweet! <3
Their brother’s gaming system finally breathed it’s last breath! @_@
(After getting so much abuse from my babyson hehe!)
So we all chipped in & got him a replacement!
Boys & their love affair with ps3!!!
A nice deed deserved nice gifts..
which is what they got from their only brother! m/ 

From their only set of aunt & uncle, haha! <3

and finally.. the reveal!!! ;)

We got ate a new set of printer & laptop, plus nerdy snow white decal haha because they both have the same eyewear! :P and a hard drive to back up all her files for easier transfer.
I was antsy at first. I thought she might not like her gift because when I asked if she wanted to replace her old laptop, she said no.
But all’s well that ends well, coz she loved our christmas gift! <3
So now I have a new/old laptop -her old one, haha! :P
Of course, my babyson gets one too! ;)
Although he thought he was NEVER ever getting one after having broken his previous 2! @_@
He’s been borrowing his sisters’ this last year. I think he’s learned his lesson! ;P
Please do take better care of this one!!!
Thank you tita Nancy for his shirt. As you can see, he wore one right away!!! ;)
My babylove always gets the short end of the deal.
She never asks for much, and is always happy with what is handed to her.
She told me even a strand of my hair as a gift will make her happy.
Of course I won’t give her naman a strand of my hair noh!!! ;P
Love you baby. I hope you’re happy with your giftsss!!! <3

Of course, we had our turn too! ;)

Yay! My hunny LOVES his gift! <3
And no.. you can not play tennis YET!!! @_@
From my sweets… <3
I love my shirt. Thank you so much babies!!! :-*
Bonus for me was my Mom, with my brother & his family, had christmas day lunch with us. I think my kids only get to mingle with their cousins twice a year, so this was really a treat for all! <3
My hunny was able to find fresh strawberries for our salad! m/ 
Our ultimate favorite. Always part of our handaan! <3

Fish fillet
Finger lickin’ good chicken! ;)
Roast beef
and Cuerva mango torte for dessert! <3
Grace before meal.. always.

Wearing the shirt my wonderful kids gave me!
Love it!!! <3
Wii buddies. Warmed my heart! <3
Dance dance dance! ;)

Sana my kids had more cousins to love & play with!! </3
They had such a grand time.

I wish everyday was CHRISTmas!!! ;))

From our family to yours, a very Merry Christmas!!! :-*
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