Mercato Centrale

I LOVE bazaars! Not so much the buying (ok, maybe also the buying! :P), but the eating, the touching, the making usi, and just the happy feeling you have amidst all those material things!!! Hahaha I’m such a material girl! ;))

So I was really really happy when my babyson (who is my GPS!!!) decided to skip basketball today after I inhaled so much smoke to buy him his precious game! ;P) He has been hearing me rave about Mercato Centrale for weeks now that he decided to make ME happy naman by leading the way today! <3

Maybe because of all the hype I was reading, I was expecting something really big & grand. We were all excited for our FOOD TRIP at MC! We came “empty” so we can actually “load up” as we walked along! ;)  So imagine my disappointment when I saw how small the place actually is! :P I mean, the one in our saturday market is bigger & fuller.

What added to my disappointment was when I didn’t see any of the “exotic” food that Leslie (of shoot first, eat later) blogged about. Like the Bale Dutung pan de bagnet, Lechon tortilla & Tina’s Pie Outlet. Maybe they have different food concessionaires every weekend? I found most of the food sold the day I went very ordinary.

I’ve always felt that I’m missing out on a lot of things because we live in the boondocks! ;) But I’m slowly finding out now that we may actually have more! Even our mall is getting bigger and better. I don’t think we really need to explore far anymore, seeing we do have a lot of fun & exciting things here in the south! <3

Anyway, getting back to the main issue, there are 2 parts to MC. The outside – bigger & more concessionaires. And the inside – airconditioned, but mostly just seating area. And the food inside aren’t as exciting as the ones outside, mostly desserts & chips. And the stalls were backing the walls of the tent so the middle part was really just wasted seating space. But then again, maybe it was just at a slump this month… due to the rainy season.

The outside..
The inside…

Here are some of our photos.. (outside)

These really attracted me! :) Kebabs are <3!!!

They packed up early! Sayang! Would have wanted to try their binalot.

What I ate! Nomnomnom!!! <3
Loved the beef more than the chicken though.
The “twins” had these..
And my lovey had this.. BBQ with BBQ rice! ;)
Since I still want to live, I skipped these..
and these!
And I’m genuinely nagsisisi now!!!
But then again, I do want to live!!! :P

Went inside the tent. I thought there would be more amazing stuff inside… :( The only thing I found amazing were the giant mochi balls. Hurrah for mochi balls!!! (Which turns out we also have in alabang hehe! :P)

Attack of the Mochi Balls!!! ;))
My favorite flavor among the 3 I tried.. Caramel – 65php each.
Strawberry.. my 2nd favorite. Although they said green tea was the most popular.
My least favorite.. vanilla.

We were done in under an hour. So since we were at the fort area already, the kids decided to drop by High Street. Now, this is the scary part for me! ;) When they say “mommy, we just wanna look at something”. It means my credit card will be abused again, hehe! :P

And true enough, my 2 girls found something to convene about! :P
Sigh.. 3k worth of walang kakwenta-kwentang colored pens.
Which they already have an abundance of at home.
But tell me, how do you resist such happy angelic faces??? ;))

All in all, it was a nice day. I always have nice days when I’m with my babies. <3 <3 <3

Oh, and look at how pretty my ate is. All primped & ready for a night out with her friends.. ON THE EVE OF HER ENTRANCE EXAM, I might add!!! @_@

Good luck on your exam tomorrow ate! :)
I hope you don’t party too hard!!! @_@

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