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Mentore Coffee by UCC

So. The Octogenarian & the Quadragenarian finally had it. We shopped ’til we literally dropped, but the young bloods were still raring to go. Mother & I parked ourselves at the nearest coffee shop to rest our weary bodies while the 2 young ladies went crazy hunting for more sales left & right..

Mentoré Coffee + Bar by UCC

SM Aura Premier

McKinley Parkway, McKinley Hill, Taguig

Mentore, UCC’s newest concept, is first & foremost a japanese coffee shop -using five different coffee extraction methods in brewing their coffee beans. But it also serves full meals aside from cakes & pastries.

Mentore, which means to teach in Italian, aims to teach people to better appreciate coffee using the 5 different extraction methods..

Syphon – highly charismatic visual appeal in coffee making. Produces a smooth medium body and flavourful cup using a medium ground coffee.

Pour Over – basically the drip method, a cone-shaped paper filter is utilised to extract coffee. Water at off-the-boil is carefully spread over medium fine grind coffee with an unfailingly clear, fragrant, and seductive coffee cup.
Water Drip – precisely measured cold water is allowed to drip over medium coarse ground coffee over 8 hours. This produces a brew which is silky with deep coffee nots without the usual acidity.
Espresso – coffee done with the espresso machine extracted from 7 grams of fine grind coffee at temperature of 95 degrees celsius with 9 atm in 25-30 seconds. Produces an ounce of very rich, syrupy, and robust brew.
French Press – first used in French restaurants. Uses a fine mesh filter plunger unit attached to the lid to separate ground coffee from hot boiling water. Uses coarse ground coffee and produces a heavy-bodied coffee.

SM Aura was very peaceful on a Monday, so we were able to enjoy a relaxing drink & small chit-chat outside while waiting for the girls have their fill from shopping. $$$

Red Velvet Cream Cooler 189 php.
Because I knew my Lovey liked anything red velvet, I got her this “to go”.
She needed to replenish her energy after all. ;)
Ate couldn’t be bothered with a drink. She was fitting clothes left & right so she didn’t want to put an extra ounce in her fit & fab body.

Mother got a Mango & Passion Smoothie 180 php.

And I got a Hot Single Cafe Latte 140 php. An espresso.
I wanted to order all 5 methods, but I was afraid masobrahan na ang nginig ko at kargahin na akong palabas! :P

I insisted they put in a more elaborate design than the traditional leaf or heart in my Espresso.
Hello, dragon! What a fitting design for the chinese new year! ;P
May you bring me plenty of good luck this 2014, lels.

Japanese Cheesecake 175 php.

Light & fluffy. I love UCC’s japanese cheesecake. Not too sweet. <3

The girls finally called it a day. Nahiya narin siguro sa lola nila! ;))

Thank you so much Mommy for such a fun-filled girl bonding day. <3 I know it will probably take months before you trust us to take you to another mall again teehee.

Thank you for always making our dreams & wishes come true mommy! <3

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