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Mentore Coffee Bar by UCC

My lovely girls recently got braces for their beautification project. I don’t know why it took them so long to think about having this procedure done. They had 4 months of summer vacay & they choose a few short days before school begins before bringing me this latest development, gah!


After their 4-hour ordeal dental appointment, I took them out to eat as we were all famished. Because they felt awkward & uncomfortable with the enhanced chops, we decided on Mentore Coffee Bar by UCC for the yummy Yogurt Smoothies & soft, easy to chew pastas. Plus I thought to myself, it’s a coffee shop, maliit lang ang serving. Boy, am I wrong. Again. :P


Yogurt smoothies for the newly-braced dawters. Liquid diet, but the FUN kind! Ate’s Four Berries Yogurt Smoothie 250 php. Strawberry, blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, yogurt, and honey. And my Lovey’s Twisted Banana 200 php. Banana, orange, chocolate, yogurt, and honey.



Tight-lipped. :P I guess I won’t be seeing their pretty, toothy smiles for a while. Le sigh.



My Lovey’s Truffled Mac & Cheese 380 php. Fusilli pasta smothered with mentor cheese & truffle sauce baked to toasty perfection, topped with crispy hot bacon & served with garlic bread. Our top pasta choice! <3



Ate’s Bacon Pomodoro 300 php. Tomato based linguine, sautéed with bacon & topped with parmesan shavings, served with garlic bread.

Mentoré Coffee Bar by UCC

1 Raffles Drive, San Lorenzo, Makati(02) 463-8139


Mentore Coffee Bar by UCC is a standalone coffee shop right beside Fairmont Hotel Makati. But don’t mistake it for just a “Coffee + Bar” as it actually has a full line-up of the latest in Japanese (& even Filipino breakfast) modern comfort food.



and CAKES! <3 Let us not forget about the drool-worthy beautiful cakes.

Mentore Coffee Bar by UCC serves mainly great coffee & Japanese Yoshoku food, which is contemporary Western food done the Japanese way. But they also serve all-time favorite Filipino breakfast staples such as Tocino, Longganisa, Tapa & Adobo, as well as western food like frankfurters, bacon, & hash. You’d be in for a pleasant surprise.


While the girls sipped their yogurts in glee, I nursed my Wasabi Caipirinha 250 php. A Japanese twist to a Brazilian classic. There’s a spicy kick to it. Loveeet. Kampai!



My Caprese Tomato & Spinach Soup 160 php. So tasty with the cheese so stringy! <3 I must ask our cook to learn to make this version.



and this light & healthy Asian Quinoa 300 php for sharing in case Ate didn’t like her food. Quinoa with grilled chicken, mixed greens & orange wedges served with honey sesame vinaigrette.



Also for sharing: Buffalo Tenders 380 php. Boneless chicken chunks coated with homemade buffalo sauce & served with creamy blue cheese dip. TIP: Never order on a very empty stomach! @_@



My Lovey’s Smoked Salmon Benedict 380 php. Gently smoked selected cured salmon fillets with spinach topped with poached egg & cream sauce on corn muffins served with side salad.



Perfect runny egg yolk! <3



Ate’s Smoked Salmon & Chives 380 php. Fresh & tasty salmon fillets enveloped in Mentore’s special squid ink bun with cream cheese & chives spread. Served with potato wedges.



and my Roast Beef Sandwich 480 php. Slow-roasted freshly-sliced roast beef with cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, & creamy horseradish spread on a baguette. Served with potato wedges. Not for the faint of heart, or stomach! I barely finished half & had to take home the rest for Kap. All 3 of us did.

All that for lunch, teehee. Oh yes, masakit pa ang ngipin nila yang lagay na yan ha! :P To be fair, we had a doggie bag to go. :P Twice I’ve been duped by the term “coffee shop” thinking the servings will be small. My bad.


Mentore Coffee Bar by UCC offers 5 different ways to enjoy coffee (from mildest to strongest)..

SYPHON – Produces a smoot medium body and flavorful cup using a medium ground coffee.

POUR OVER – Basically the drip method, a cone-shaped paper filter is used to extract coffee. 

WATER DRIP – Precisely measured cold water is allowed to drip over medium coarse ground coffee over 8 hours. This produces a brew which is silky with deep coffee notes without the usual acidity.

FRENCH PRESS – First used in French restaurants. Uses a fine mesh filter plunger unit attached to the lid to separate ground coffee from hot boiling water. Uses coarse ground coffee and produces a heavy-bodied coffee.

ESPRESSO – Coffee done with the espresso machine extracted from 7 grams of fine grind coffee at a temperature of 95 deg C with 9atm in 25-30seconds. Produces an ounce of very rich, syrupy, and robust brew.


My Pour-over Brazil #2 Coffee 160 php. I take mine black & this was just the perfect taste for me. Not too strong leaving a bitter aftertaste.



My baby girls’ Strawberry Mousse 250 php. Light, clean & fluffy, so japanese-y! <3



Just look at that sponginess. And what about that thick strawberry mousse topping! <3



Ate’s Affogato 180 php. Ice cream is the utmost comfort food, especially for days when you just to curl up on your bed. And believe me, after their day at the dentist’s, this was the perfect remedy haha.



And my Chocolate Blackout 250 php. As in nag-black out talaga ako sa sarap! I love the layering of textures & varying tastes of chocolate. I AM DEFINITELY COMING BACK FOR THIS!!

Now that it’s back to school for ALL 3 kids, I’m back to my solitary confinement & empty nesting -boohoo. Less eating out, more staying home (and the sucky office). Kap will be happy with this recent development. Thank goodness for.. TAKE-OUT!! Ciao for now. :P

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