Mega Buffet (Unlimited Meat BBQ)

When your clan is as big as ours, you try to get away from treating on your birthday haha. Like you really REALLY hide. Or, if you can’t get away because everybody hounds you, then you try to find the cheapest restaurant to feed 24 hungry mouths. Does that make us scrooges?

Tasha’s birthday was last August pa, but it got moved & moved to December for one reason or another. We almost forgot her promise to treat us all, except she slipped & reminded us that she has yet to celebrate it with the Clan. :P

Leggings from Forever 21. Feeling young talaga ako. Hear me RAWR! ;))

Tasha & hubby Noel. Tasha looks like the young Pilar Pilapil, don’t you agree?

One Sunday after church, we all trekked to Mega Buffet (Unlimited Meat BBQ) in BF Paranaque for a Korean buffet feast. After my experience with Tramway not so long ago, I really didn’t want another crowded, rowdy restaurant. I longed for a peaceful quiet stress-free lunch. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers right? Buti nga nilibre  pa kami eh! ;))

As soon as Mega Buffet opened its doors at 12 noon, it got filled quickly & refilling the empty trays was not as fast as was ideal. And they had only 1 man manning the meat slicer the day we were there so the meats were slow in coming. Melamine plates were gone in 60 seconds & it took a while for them to bring put more so the people in line wore sour faces as they waited & waited. When you go to these places, you really need to pack a lot of patience & good spirit. Both of which I don’t have. :P

I would have been happy with just the Kimchi & Banchan. The Kimchi was spicy just the way I liked it. I must have gone back 4-5 times for the Kimchi alone! Amoy kimchi na nga ako pag-uwi! ;)

Always happy when they’re together which is what counts most. Food is secondary. Or at least to them hehe.

The celebrant slaving over the grill to cook for the kids.



Busog lusog peeps! ;)
Birds of the same feather flock together. Yan ang makukunat na alabangers! :P

I liked their spicy Kimchi & kept going back for more that my seatmate (Kap) feared I’d smell like kimchi for the days & nights to come. I also enjoyed most of the Banchan. The unli-meats (pork & beef) were ok as long as I dipped them in the chili sauce. Otherwise they tasted bland. The noodles need more seasoning though. It lacked oomph. And they should do away with the miso soup. It tasted like dishwater.. not that I’ve tasted it teehee.

I loved their banchan. I love Korean food. <3

For 320php/pax, I guess it’s more than okay. Just be prepared to deal with a good crowd. On food trips like this, what counts in the company you keep.

Pag mayaman na akosa Manila Hotel ako manlilibre! ;) At imbitado kayong lahat! Sana naman Kap my Kap, hindi ka na kuripot sa mga panahong yon. ;)

Thank you for this photo ate. :) Huling huli ang pa-sweetum moments namin! :P

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