Media Noche in our Home

Last night, everyone except for Lovey was asleep by 10:30 LOL! ;P I thought for sure we were just going to let the evening festivities pass & move on to the new year. But we all woke up from the racket outside, & decided to go out & make usi.

We never did buy fireworks, in all our time together as a family, not even sparklers. We’re too cheap, hahaha! ;P Besides, our neighbors never fail our expectations, especially these past 2 years since our new RICH neighbors across moved in. Bonggang-bongga na talaga the fireworks! ;)

Miggy, Mae, Jievo, Jarro & Jovic
Our very pleasant, very friendly, very RICH neighbors! ;)
Their home is like an extension of Rustan’s & Cobonpue’s show room. <3

Here’s my view from our upstairs window..

But of course, my hunny needs to get up close & personal (free show yata yan)! @_@ So he & ate dashed out a quarter before midnight while the 2 younger kids & I stay in. Because they don’t like the noise, & I don’t like the fumes. Besides, we have the best seats in the house! ;P

They took pity on my hunny & gave him a sparkler haha! ;P
The free show delights kapitan Kunat! ;)
Yes.. this is HOW MUCH fireworks they have.
They can afford to light several at the same time!!!  m/

After a 1-hour free show, we finally had a late snack. Here’s my “martha stewart” moment hahaha…

non-alcoholic bubbly for toasting in the new year..
Chips which we should have munched on while watching the fireworks..
I forgot! @_@
My “martha stewart” moment hehe! :P
Hanggang torotot lang kami hahaha! ;P

Here’s to a great & blessed 2012!!! m/

Happy new year, everyone!!! :-*

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