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She & Her Mice.. Always Together

For the life of me, I would never have pegged Ate to be the type who would be touching God’s small creepy creatures. Frogs, rodents.. I really thought she’d be grossed out because I for one CANNOT stand slimy, crawly living things. I figured she must have gotten the same ickiness from me considering we’re inseparable.

Point out a lizard chillin’ in the same room as me, hindi talaga ako makakatulog buong gabi. If a cockroach is in the bathroom, titiisin kong hindi mag-CR buong araw. Tell me that a rat is in the kitchen, that’s a sure-fire way to start me on my diet. Hindi ako tatapak sa kusina. EVAR!

That’s how cowardly I am with these small varmints. Just the thought of them sends a chill up my spine. To my wonder of wonders, Ate seems ok with them. Or at least now that she’s been exposed to the lot in school.

On her second year, she had to dissect a LIVE frog. Naghanap talaga kami sa buong alabang (ok I directed, they hunted). Having found a substantial-sized croaker, she catheterised & fed it a solution to paralyze, then proceeded to dissect it like a pro. Meanwhile, nandiri talaga ako, I stayed outside the whole time at baka biglang mag-milagro, mag-Lazarus, at talunin ako!

Now on her 4th year in Bio, she is handling RATS! Granted they are albino rats, but rats just the same. For her thesis, she had to get hold of 30 red-eyed squealers. Homaygas. And what’s worse, I had to go with her to get the darn vermin huhu. I swear to you, I was doing the lambada the whole ride to FDA at the thought of having to share a ride with! Paano kung makawala???

dancing pig photo: Dancing Pig squealcp.gif

Hindi talaga ako mapakali! :P


Food & Drug Administration, Philippines

Civic Drive, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City 165332
Length of time to order & acquire rats: 3 months

PicMonkey Collage1

Early morning at DFA, fetching her vermin friends. Ew.


PicMonkey Collage10

So many steps to follow leading us to a wild goose chase around the building. I’m glad I went with my Ate, I didn’t want her doing this all by herself. 1.) Present your approved application for the procurement of lab rats 2.) Assessment at a different wing 3.) Payment at a different floor 4.) Back to square 1 – Get the lab rats.



Ang mahal ha! Para kaming bumili ng aso??? @_@



PicMonkey Collage3

Cinderella with Gus, Jack, and company. Sorry, my motherhood stops with the mice. Hanggang moral support lang ako, I kept my distance & stayed as faaaaar away as possible, lol.



Buying beddings & food for their Sprague Dawleys.

Next year, she’ll be in Med Proper. Ang bilis! Some of you may have been with me from the very start of her college life, ngayon, sabay-sabay tayong ha-graduate! <3 I hope you’ll stick with me even until my Ate finishes med proper & beyond. Sabay-sabay din tayong maging pambansang lowla sa Tamang Panahon! :)

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