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Mayroong Forever (A Father’s Day Special)

My mom is not a firm believer of cupid & love. True love, for her, doesn’t exist. Hindi totoo ang happy ending at forever sa kanya.

She married in her late 30’s to a fellow doctor. Prior to that, she had never been in love. Nor had she been in a relationship. She was too concentrated in her studies & career. Wala siyang oras umalembong. I don’t know exactly if what my parents felt for each other was love or somewhere in between a strong & mild affection. Kahit ako litong-lito!

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You tell me. Is this a picture of a happy family? </3 Every single day, I thank God for the family I have now. It sure makes up for all the unhappiness of my childhood.


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What I know is, growing up, I didn’t see romance played out between the 2 unlike what I have read in books or watched in the telly. They didn’t hold hands, they didn’t have pet names for each other. They didn’t talk about matters not pertaining to business. It was sad & pathetic really, and I’m heartbroken for my mom who was cheated of the true nature of romantic love.

Which is why she is bitter about life. And men in general. She would always tell me boys will be boys, and that they will always play the field. Ever since I can remember, that has been her mantra. Buti nalang hindi ako lumaking man-hater! :P

One day, she was making chismis to me that our married guard was umaalembong to my SIL’s helper. Nabuntis pa daw, malamang sya ang ama. Sabi daw kasi nung guard (and narinig niya) “Hello sweetie”. My goodness! Para lang si Kermit, she immediately jumped to conclusion. I said baka naman nagbibiruan lang mommy. But no, she insisted something was brewing & that all men are like that.

To which Ate, who was just quietly listening the whole time, butted in in defense of her dad. “No. My Dad is not” she said with 101% conviction. And that was that.

With just those 5 words, my heart swelled with pride. How wonderful for my kids to have such faith in their dad. Knowing that their dad would never do anything to jeopardize the well-being of his family.

What a great example of a husband Kap is to my kids. My happiness overflowed knowing that our kids are growing up confident of their father’s love not just for me but for his family. This is something that I didn’t see in my childhood. But my kids are priviledged to be in an environment where faithfulness & true love exists. Walang sakitan, walang maanghang na palitan ng salita. Instead, they see senior citizen romance at its best. They get repulsed, pero may kilig factor din deep down, I’m sure – kahit masuka suka na sila sa landian namin ni Kap. :P

How refreshing it must be. And it solidifies their belief that forever IS possible. Na merong forever inspite of naysayers.

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A husband who has fear in the Lord makes the best husband because he will obey God’s commandments.

My dear girls, Dad is not perfect. He has his flaws as I have mine. But if you find a husband very similar to your Dad, then you have definitely hit the jackpot. Huwag nang pakawalan iyan. Men like your dad are one in a billion. So even as early as now, I will pray that God reserves for each of you a man like Dad. Someone who will love you truly & deeply, and beyond looks & time. Beauty fades, people change & grow old. But true love remains.

My dear Babyson. Aspire to be like Dad. Be Godly & lead your brood honorably. Be faithful & true even though temptation is just about everywhere. You have been blessed with a great Dad, emulate him and you too will be blessed with a happy family.








Mahaaaal na mahal ka namin, Honey! <3 Thank you for all that you are.

To my one & only Honey. Thank you for being the best husband. You may not be the greatest Dad YET hehe (we’ll work on that soon enough) but you’re definitely a GREAT dad -a keeper! Thank you for my forever. Thank you for making our home a joyful one & keeping our kids secure with your love & commitment to us. Happy father’s day Honey. We love you oh so much! <3


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