Maya Maya

My hunny’s tennis group has really gotten close through the months that we’ve been constantly hanging together. Barely a week after our Baguio trip in between our usual casual dinners & meryendas, the group gathered for a beach trip in Maya-Maya, this time to celebrate (again) the Buensalida mother/daughter birthdays.

And of course, what is a beach trip without kuya Rolly’s boat & his toys! ;) But that’s getting ahead of the story.

Early morning last saturday, all 4 families convoyed to Batangas for some frolic & fun under the sun..

The men -or should I say BOYS!, had fun playing with their
“over-&-out” toys on our way to the beach.
All smiles in anticipation of some fun under the sun! ;)
Lunch before play!
Adobo & pinakbet. Yummm!!!
“Fueling” up! ;P
A quick game while the boat is being gassed up..
Still no sign of the boat.
So they burned some of their pent-up energy in the pool.
The boat finally arrives! m/
On our way to the beach, YAY!!!

Kuya Rolly’s new toys!
Wakeboard not in view.. sayang!!!
Ready for a spin.
Lovers in paradise??? ;P
Adults & kids all take turn in riding this jumbo dog ($200 online -not bad!)
The grill master, preparing our dinner of burgers & hotdogs.

My plate, teehee! ;))

Kuya Rolly brought some sample of lanterns he ordered online for Angela’s debut next year. We all had fun lighting & wishing..

Such a fun, happy group! <3
A game of poker before settling in for the night.
They just didn’t want to separate! ;P

The next day..

Breakfast for the early risers while the parents take a spin out in the open sea.
What a beautiful morning!
Eggs & Tapa for breakfast.
What a great way to start the day! :)

A quick spin while the kids were still asleep..
Cam-whoring. What else? ;))
The kids were up & about when we came back to shore.
Ready & eager for another water sports activity.
Alternating with making sand sculptures :)
Then seafood lunch. This is the life! m/
Sinigang na isda
Inihaw na isda
The steamed fresh lobsters were tender & succulent.
350php/pc. What a steal!
We bought the whole bag of 10! kulang pa! ;))
The kids attacking the yummy lobsters.
Forgetting the ocean momentarily!
My hunny attempting (and failing!) wake-boarding!
He’s really athletic & fit, but this is just a different level altogether! ;P 

Then dinner on the way home. Wanted to try LZM but it was full. So we settled for Diner’s Restaurant in Tagaytay for their special Bulalo. Along with side orders of bopis, dinuguan & lechon paksiw which I wasn’t able to take pictures of any more due to my hunger! ;)

Their famous bulalo.
6 huge orders of these for the weary & hungry travelers! ;P
We all went home sunburned, sleepy, and tired -not to mention CASHLESS! ;)), but armed with a memory full of laughter, fun & camaraderie that will last a lifetime. I love my new family! <3
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