Max Brenner / Max Brenner Revisited

Had dinner at Max Brenner’s last night after coming home from makati (soooo traffic, by the way!). I had the weirdest chocolate craving ever, couldn’t stop thinking about their belgian chocolate drink! @_@

Venezuelan dark chocolate 180 php
They served it to me hot.. but I wanted it cold. So..
Tada! I was instantly happy! <3

They just opened for business here in the south, so we got freebies (I’m not saying I hinted for it though -nope, I’m keeping mum!), yipee! m/ They gave us complimentary iced tea drinks & a to-die for chocolate souffle dessert.

The BALD man! ;))
The place was empty. I guess they need more advertisement
so people will know that they  FINALLY opened! ;)
Hmmmmnnnn.. really? In what planet, haha!
My baby son had pumpkin soup, 90 php.
and Chicken Parmigiana 270 php
The chicken was tender & juicy. But we found the pasta a little bitin, haha! ;P
Spaghetti Bolognese 240 php
I was still full from our lunch at Fely J’s, so I just ordered a clubhouse sandwich.
To my surprise (& delight), it was HUGE!
I only ate half and I was full already so the girls ate the other half.
Sulit at 270 php. Plenty of fillings (chicken, bacon, egg, ham) 
My FREE dessert, which made me very very happy! <3
MB’s famous chocolate souffle cake.
Teeny tiny chocolate drink for my not so teeny-tiny girl! ;)
Churros 240 php
This chocolate alone was HEAVENLY!!! <3
We’d definitely eat here again, but more for dessert than dinner. I really think that this is more of a dessert/after dinner place. Chocolate is L-O-V-E! <3

May 15, 2012

The 2 older ones went to a swimming hang-out at Justin’s. Too late when I found out that the reason for this impromptu hang-out was because his Dad was out of town! @_@ Had I know ahead of time, I wouldn’t have allowed my 2 kids to go! Sneaky ate -didn’t give me full disclosure ahead of time! :((


I didn’t feel comfortable with the “No Parental Supervision” thing, so I didn’t want to be far away from them in case something bad happened. I dragged my Lovey to hang at Max Brenners while we contemplated on the best way to swoop down & drag her 2 siblings home without ME looking too uncool! @_@

In between bites & sips of..

Whipped Granite Milk & Dark Chocolate in alice mugs 268 php each
yummy goodness. Worth every calorie -and penny! <3 

Chicken Chutney Panini 248 php
Smoked chicken flakes with homemade mango ginger chutney and brined pepperoncini

Barely finishing our food, my babyson called to be picked up. It wasn’t his thing, he says. Oh happy day! I must remember to grill them more before I let them out of my sight! @_@

Look at what TOO MUCH FUN their friends had! Jumping off the roof to the pool. *my heart stops* (All photos below belong to Quin Talan)

Alex jumping FROM THE ROOF! @_@ 
Tim following doing the backward flip.
Doesn’t he know he’ll be paralyzed if he breaks his spine? SUCH HUBRIS, these kids! 
And here’s Bruce getting ready to make his jump as well.
I’m really glad my 2 kids had the right frame of mind & didn’t join the “FUN”!
Thank you for that. But this is the last time you’re going to any unsupervised party!

Kids nowadays have TOO MUCH FUN! @_@ Sweethearts, if you want Mommy to live long, please keep away from these activities. GAZZZ!!!

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    where is it?

    December 22, 2011 at 3:28 pm
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    Westgate, trisha! :) Beside red kimono, parang!

    December 23, 2011 at 5:19 am
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