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Marriott Hotel Manila, Girls Only Staycation

My Lovey is a BIG fan of YouTubers. In fact, I think she’d be more impressed with me if I were a Vlogger instead of a Blogger. Me a Vlogger. Can you just imagine? Mabubulabog at mae-eskandalo ang mundo! :P Whenever we’re in the room vegging, I’d catch her giggling at the screen with her earphones glued to her ears. Heaven knows what she’s watching. #BogartTheExplorer #MikeyBustos #AngJejeNgAnakKo

Now if you’ve been a long time reader of my blog, you’d know that my kids are not the type who would ask for anything. And I’m really grateful for that. But this one time, my Lovey texted me out of the blue saying there’s a Fan Festival that she really REALLY wants to watch & if we could line up early the next day for the free tickets. Of course there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my baby girl. I would have preferred tickets for sale though, because it meant more chances for us of securing some.

But even before we could plan the whole thing out, the free tickets ran out. And she was really sad for a time. But if you know the GOppets, each member of the family is a hero -or tries to be for one another. Her loving Ate came to her rescue by securing not one but TWO passes for a meet & greet and the concert after.

This is what she’s so crazy about, the #YTFF or YouTube Fan Fest held at the Marriott Hotel Manila ‘s Grand Ballroom last June 26, 2015

But more about that on Thursday. Today, I want to share with you the staycation we had at Marriott Hotel Manila courtesy of their very loving, very generous Ninang. <3

My BFF of over 20 years, Marina, found out that the girls -both her godchildren, were watching the #YTFF and she splurged for an instant staycation for us. Now lemme ask you, how many of you have BFFs like that? She is just too precious!

Our guest room, the most basic package, costs almost 15 grand. So this unexpected gift was definitely met with squeals of delight not just by the girls, but by Moi as well! Because it meant I get to stay in a comfy room instead of the Lobby for hours on end while waiting for them.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 2.45.43 PM

A surprise & unexpected staycation at Marriott Hotel Manila courtesy of my dearest BFF. Thank you! <3

We checked in at noon. Normally check-in time is 3pm but I was grateful we were allowed early check in since the girls had to register for the Youtubers Meet & Greet. Plus I had to feed them first so they didn’t faint from excitement (or at least 1 girl teeny bopper anyway)! :P


Marriott Hotel Manila

Newport City Complex, 10  Newport Blvd. Domestic Airport, Pasay (02) 988-9999

PicMonkey Collage3

The event was held at the new & posh Grand Ballroom of the Marriott Hotel Manila. a separate structure accessible by a soon to be completed walkway connecting it to the hotel. At the moment, golf carts can ferry people to and from the hotel. The ballroom is part of Resorts World Manila’s second phase of expansion, which includes the opening of additional guest rooms at the Marriott Hotel Manila West Wing set to open in 2016. When we got to the hotel at noon, there were already a LOT of teeny boppers loitering the hallways & lobby waiting for the #YTFF Meet & Greet at 5:30



Ate is always so considerate of my feelings. Among the 3, she is the most consistent on updating me her whereabouts so I don’t worry. Here I found out they were shuttled safely to the Grand Ballroom via a golf cart. My kids, they don’t know how to cross a big street! @_@

Read more about the spanking new Mariott Hotel Manila Grand Ballroom HERE. It can accommodate up to 4,000 pax!


I’m a silly mommy. I’m afraid to be left alone in a room especially rooms I’m not familiar with. But I couldn’t go with the 2 girls because they only had passes for 2. So to pacify me, my Lovey opened the drapes & showed me the pool which is almost eye level. And I was comforted because there were people lounging just outside. Para narin akong may kasama. #TakotSaMulto



Little thoughtful gestures sure mean a lot. Thank you for our sweet mangoes.



When I saw the peek-a-boo bathroom, I knew Kap & I would have to come back for a honeymoon, LEL! :P And I loved that Marriott Hotel Manila provided more than sufficient bathroom essentials so I didn’t even have to unpack our toiletries.

Our room’s free public wifi connection was strong so I was able to finish 3 of my 5 related posts that whole afternoon, which kept me busy & unfocused of my solitary state. :P So yay for that as I can bring you fresh PERSONAL news (I know you like that sort)! :P


The girls & I didn’t get to meet up for our planned dinner (separate blog post to follow) as they didn’t want to get out of their line & miss anything important. (Yas, eating to them was not important at this point, LOL!) So I brought dinner to them, which they hungrily ate while regaling me with stories & giggles in between mouthfuls.



While they were eating, I fixed Ate a hot bath. I knew what horror she went through haha, so I appreciated the extra details like a bathtub on top of the shower. Since the shower was separate, my Lovey got to shower while her ate lingered in the bath & they were able to continue their discussion. Girls & their never-ending stories! @_@ Walang katapusan. Thank goodness for the hair dryer too as they were able to go to sleep right away after quickly drying out each other’s hair. <3 Because I had several cups of coffee that was available en suite, I didn’t get to nod off right away & was content watching over my exhausted, but happy, girls. <3

Breakfast came with our package but because we woke up late, the Cafe was overly full from enabler moms who also checked in especially for the event, so we could no longer be accommodated at 10 am. Thank goodness for Executive level perks! The girls were famished from an all-time high & their meager dinner (as opposed to buffet had they eaten with me!) so even though the spread was not as full & complete at the lounge as the one downstairs, we ate our breakfast with gusto & appreciated each forkful.


Executive Floor at The Marriott. For an additional 4k, upgrade to the Executive Level on the 8th floor, get all-day access to the Lounge. Breakfast from 6-10:30am, all-day snacks & drinks, High Tea from 3-5:30pm, and cocktails from 6-10:30pm. Now the all-day part makes me giddy & tingly all over!



You need your upgraded key card to access the 8th floor, and ultimately, the lounge.





Like I said, we woke up late. And the food almost gone when we got there at 10:30 am. But I thought of including photos of the buffet spread at the Executive Lounge just so you have an idea of what you can get if you do want an upgrade.




One of the perks I truly enjoy at every Executive Lounge is the unli access to drinks. Coffee, tea, water, fruit juices. And breads & pastries in between main meals are always available.


My breakfast of champions. Hello from me & my happy plate (the first of many which I won’t show you anymore!) #CoffeeTeaOrMe



Ok I lied. Here’s my omelette (with everything) & bacon.



And maybe also a little “Hi” from my overly happy waffle (with everything) plate. Now this pretty sight says HELLO WEEKEND! It’s ridunculous!

Of course you-know-who woke up earlier than me & snuck off to the gym. Her day just isn’t complete without her daily form of torture! :P


Why she agrees to staycations & eating. Because she gets to exercise anyway. The gym is the deal breaker. ;)


PicMonkey Collagexx

The pool & the gym are located on the same floor. Also the Spa.



Personally, I prefer the pool. No sweat. :P On another note, if you like peace & quite (which I actually do if I had company in the room), then I suggest you ask for the golf view, and the higher floors. I was perfectly fine with our room assignment this particular occasion though. I like seeing -and hearing, people when I’m all by myself!

It was one surreal experience for my Lovey, thanks to her many angels starting with her Ninang Marina who loves her so very much. <3 And of course her Ate & Ate’s friend BEA who made the Meet & Greet possible!


Goodbye Marriott from me, my girls, and our snarling bodyguard dog, it was a fine stay.

Bae. Pwede ba next time sa YouTube ka nalang manuod ha! Ibili pa kita ng bagong laptop. Haaaasssle sa muscle at stress sa chest yang ginawa mo kay Ate ha! :'( Thank you again my dearest Marina for a funtabulous staycaytion. And thank you Ate for taking such good care of our little girl. :-* Sa uulitin?

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