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Journey the Cosmic Space, Marriott Hotel Manila

Marriott Hotel Manila is certainly marking its name not just in Manila, not just in the world, but even in SPACE as it catapulted the most memorable, most fun Marriott Hotel Manila Grand Ballroom launch with its recently concluded Journey the Cosmic Space event!


Every other day for more than a week, Marriott Hotel Manila has been going full blast with its fabulous events right & left in launching its most recent physical development, the Mariott Hotel Manila Grand Ballroom. From the 4-course Press Conference #MeetingsImagined, to the star-studded Ribbon Cutting, the James Ingram concert, and now this #JourneyTheCosmicSpace party!

And I do thank my lucky stars (pun intended) that Kap & I were part of this colossal celebration done in style and pomp and pageantry!

As you know, Kap is the understated to my overstated. So he warned me to keep it in the down low or he wasn’t taking me anywhere. In this world, or out! So with that warning, I had to behave & acceded to his request for simplicity. I settled for face painting & scraped the wig & ditched my plans on having an elaborate costume. What is KJ. :|

Many thanks to my make-up artist/Hairstylist/Stylist for making me a polka-dotted alien from cosmic space! :P


Whatever will I do without my Ate? Thank you so much sweetheart for always going along with my craziness! :P

I cannot tell you in words just how fab the party was so I took several videos so you can see for yourself. ENJOY!

Marriott Hotel Manila Grand Launch Light Show featuring built-in Pillow Lights with 360 pantone colors..


Marriott Hotel Manila

Newport City Complex, 10  Newport Blvd. Domestic Airport, Pasay (02) 988-9999


The Grand Ballroom is so massive that it needs THREE side-by-side escalators to simultaneously bring all the guests up.

The Fabulousness..


Happy to have bumped into blogger friends. I didn’t feel so ALIEN-ated! #ounintended



The very hardworking ladies of Marriott Hotel Manila who are highly responsible for the HUGE success of the events, MICHELLE “MITCHY” GARCIA, Director of Marketing & Communications in a stunning Frederick Peralta gown that’s definitely out of this world. And the ever-smiling and pretty Aimee Lagman, Assistant Marketing Manager.



Food & Drinks were overflowing and in GIGANTIC proportions. There was nothing low-scale in this launch. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was superlative & grandiose.



Cheers! Congratulations on the opening & launch of the Marriott Hotel Manila Grand Ballroom! \m/



Three crater-sized chocolate cakes were not just for display. We got to have our cake & eat it too! <3



Built-in pillow lights. When you have your event at the Grand Ballroom of the Marriott Hotel Manila, all the technical stuff will already be provided for & taken care of.



Non-stop show after show that kept the guests highly entertained.








The Food..


What earth looks like from the cosmic space. ;)



Chips & Dips. But Kap & I went for the big guns..



The Quack Master! <3




Have you ever seen? What a sight to behold, 370 kilos of Beef Caldereta! Beautiful AND delicious!



and tubs upon giant tubs of fresh Oysters, Prawns, and Mussels. Best paired with the free-flowing sparkling white wine. <3

The Movers & Shakers..


The people who continue to make Marriott Hotel Manila a stellar success.

But wait, the series of launch doesn’t end here. There’s ONE MORE! Do come back tomorrow for the culmination of the two-week-long launch of the biggest, the GRANDEST Ballroom in the Philippines, the Marriott Hotel Manila Grand Ballroom! The premier meeting destination in the country.


Marriott Hotel Manila has a total of 10,000 sqm of function space with the Marriott Grand Ballroom having 3,000 sqm of pillar less venue. The Grand Ballroom which can be divided into 4 sections, can accomodate 4,000 guests with a theater or cocktail set-up, an elegant banquet for 2,500, a classroom set-up for 1,200. This photo belongs to Marriott Hotel Manila.

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