Maroon 5

It’s a conspiracy, I’m telling you! @_@ These concert promoters are out to get sucker moms like me & bleed us dry to the last penny (or centavo -in my case).

I got away with Lady Gaga due to it’s R-18 restrictions (thank goodness!), but there’s no hope in getting away from Maroon 5’s upcoming concert. Gasp.

PATRON VIP – Php 10,600
LOWER BOX VIP- Php 6,360
UPPER BOX A (UA) – Php 3,710
UPPER BOX B (UB) – Php 2,650

The kids (well, except for ate) are gung-ho on watching it & nagged me endlessly to buy the tickets on the first day, lest they run out.

So first day, yesterday, Faye & I went to araneta first thing to line up & buy the “precious” tickets. If I could afford it, I would gladly let them sit up front -on the stage, even! But alas, I am just their poor old mum and they have to make do with what I can realistically afford!

Highway robbery! @_@
It’s not so much for 1 ticket. but for 5???
Kiss your money goodbye!

Their seats are somewhere up there, and I feel somewhat bad about it. But it’s either that or go broke! @_@ Someday, my sweethearts, when mommy has plenty of money to waste, I PROMISE, you will get the BEST seats possible.

I might even get you a suite in the arena! (It reportedly costs 10M/suite) ;P

The Arena’s big eye design resting on a slanted podium plinth allows it to hold the large volume of the interior court within a dramatic vaulted space, while providing a distinctive identity to the building. An eye-shaped multimedia screen projects images of ongoing or future events.
The eye theme is repeated on the landscaping with eye configured plant boxes and ramps for the handicapped contained within protective walls that form an eye.
The Arena’s interiors are simple and minimalist. Arranged on two tiers, it has a ring of corporate suites separating the tower seats from the balcony levels. Performances converge on the event bowl, that volume of space that includes the event floor and the spectator’s seats around it. The Mosh Pit is the event floor used as a spectators’ area usually without seats provided, as in a musical concert.
MOA Arena’s Corporate Suites are another first, not only in the country, but also in all of Southeast Asia. There are a total of 41 corporate suites, exclusive and fully furnished room designed with its own lounge, mini bar, restroom and private gallery with cinema seats. Ten of these suites can be rented on a per event basis, while the rest are leased for a period of one to five years.
with your very own PRIVATE balcony just outside the suite! <3
Click HERE for Leslie’s blog on the Arena.

Sigh, a girl can dream! ;)
Meanwhile, Faye & I had a lunch date at Resorts World. I’ve been wanting to try TAO YUAN but it’s always full. Meaning it must be good! So I was happy that we were able to try it our before I take my brood here.
The authentic Singaporean chefs of Tao Yuan will serve you the stuff of foodie legend. Much-raved about are their Hainanese Chicken Rice, Asado Tart, Shou Zhou Dumplings and Cereal Prawns are classic must-trys.

Empty when we got there. Hurrah for me! ;)
Complementary peanuts
Hainanese chicken 1/2 (coz Faye BARELY eats!) 450 php 
The sauce that ties everything together.
Hainanese rice 50 php/cup
Must have with every Hainanese chicken meal!
and because 1 viand is never enough for me..
Seafood/Beancurd Hotpot 188 php
Complementary watermelon sago
With the lovely Faye <3
Another sucker mommy haha!
Tomorrow, I shall join the lotto. Who knows, I may just win. Then I’ll buy a suite in the arena & invite you to watch the next concert with me! ;P
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