Market Cafe

Ever since Jin posted her gastronomic experiences over & over again at The Fireplace, it has been my goal to eat there. Yesterday, I finally had the chance. Yay!

I took ate to school on her first day of class. Waited 4 hours at the starbucks across, thinking of what I will order when we get to Hyatt. I was already imagining the duck confit, the chocolate soup.. I almost wanted her to skip classes on her first day back in anticipation. Bad mommy!

Finally, she texted me that the teacher for her last period didn’t show up! m/ I sprinted back to school as fast as I could, panting all the way as the sun glared at me. I didn’t care, what’s important was ate was free & we were on our way to a delightful lunch! <3

Imagine my overwhelming sadness & disbelief when the receptionist who greeted us at the entrance told me The Fireplace only opened for dinner. Oh no no no no no. That simply cannot be! I was too psyched out. I needed to have my chocolate fix! :(

Ate & I proceeded to the 5th floor where Market Cafe was situated. I explained my predicament to the receptionist there & she took pity on me. I LOVE HER!!! She promised me a chocolate soup for dessert. So I dutifully ate my buffet meal with gusto, knowing a sinful surprise awaits me..

We got there early, around 11-ish. Lunch buffet starts at 12. 
Our very nice waiter gave us some maki to munch on while waiting for lunch to be served.
Thank you, kind Sir! <3 
I scoured the dessert section first. Nope, nothing was comparable to the delight that awaits me! <3 <3 <3
Had a slice of pizza. Crusty & mozzarella cheesy, exactly the way I like it. YUM!!! <3
I skipped this hot station & concentrated on my favorites.
Gotta leave some room for my lovely dessert! ;)
Four cheese.. hmnnnn…
Pwedeng padagdag? ;P 
Oysters & Prawns.. I definitely have room for these in my tmmy! <3 
I asked them to cook it sweet & chili style. DID NOT DISAPPOINT! <3 
I must say, I’m not a fan of their sushi or sashimi.
Teppanyaki station. Also not impressed.
They had a choice between beef, pork & tuna. That’s it folks.
I like the noodle station.
My teppanyaki mix. I told you it wasn’t impressive. :P 
My dimsum & sashimi plate. Also not impressive.
The sashimi wasn’t fresh.
This I LOVED! <3 
And THIS!!! <3
Sweet & Chili Prawns.
The cheese selections was few but the choices they had, I loved.
Same with the cold meat. Too bad they didn’t have grapes, it would have been the perfect trifecta!
Then all of a sudden.. a BATALLION of marines came. Disrupting our peaceful lunch. zOMG!
It was chaos I tell you!!!
Big, strong, hungry, NOISY men descended (ascended?) upon us.
Even this dessert plate couldn’t calm me down.
Good thing my CHOCOLATE SOUP finally made an appearance!!! <3 <3 <3
Just look at this chocolate-y goodness!! <3
Choco Indulgence 365.85 php++
And lookee what too much sugar did to my love.
She couldn’t stop giggling. Hay! Maghunus dili ka ‘Day!

I was prepared to shell out 1.6k each for our buffet lunch, although I was quite unhappy with the few stations. What a nice surprise when my DISCOUNTED bill came! m/ Apparently, Hyatt Hotel has a WEEKDAY BUFFET BONANZA for the whole month of June. YAY!!!

For 990 php, what we had was sulit.
But over that, I consider highway robbery for the few choices they offered.
(Or maybe it was few because of the ongoing promo?)

I had a lovely lunch sweetheart. If only I didn’t have to wait so long for you, we could make this a weekly thing. Maybe when you have a condo na where I can hang & let my hair loose! ;P We’ll see. I love you!!! :-*

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