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Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club

The Foodies for the Soul (a.k.a. The Socialites) met up one last time before the year 2017 ended. These ladies are always mobile, busy with work, running with full social calendars, or just plain out of the coverage area country that it’s really hard agreeing on a date. But agree on one, we finally did, yehey!

Like they say: People make time for who they want to make time for. People text & reply to people they want to talk to. Never believe anyone who says they’ve been too busy, there is no such thing as TOO BUSY. If they wanted to be around you, they would. Truth is, you don’t need to “make time” for friends. You just give it. Thank you dear ladies for your gift of time. :-*

Because it’s been a pretty much hectic year for each of us gals, we decided to have a SPA-rty so we can relax, get pampered, but still bond at the same time. And where best to have it than at the newly opened, very posh, Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club located along the Seaside Blvd., of the Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club is owned and managed by the Vikings Group of Companies. It’s the group’s first-ever venture outside the successful lineup of luxury buffet restaurants and can I just say? Totally impressive!

Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club

Esplanade Seaside Terminal, Seaside Blvd. Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City (02) 834 1888; +63 977 831 2888; +63 920 976 8888

Take pleasure in the luxury and privacy of a fitness and wellness club with the view of the Manila Bay. Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club has 20 private massage rooms offering healing and relaxing therapies from the Marina Signature Massage to Crystal Chakra healing touch, and body work scrubs using the finest local organic products in the Philippines.

Leah, who owns Toccare Spa among many other biz ventures, is an expert when it comes to relaxation & pampering. After her reflexology treatment & touring the grand premise, she gave Marina Bay Spa & Lifestyle Club a 2 thumbs up rating! <3

Even Rica, who has travelled far & wide, and has gone to so many Spas here & abroad, had nothing but praises for Marina Bay Spa & Lifestyle Club. You can read her blogpost HERE.

Rica, the most stressful among the ladies with so many commitments left & right, indulged in THREE treatments. ;)) She got the Hydrating Coconut Scrub to remove dead skin cells (uses the bed with built-in water sprays (lower right photo), the Bamboo Massage (heated bamboo is used to knead those tired & aching muscles), and the Relaxing Crystal Chakra Massage, a treatment tailored to one’s specific needs using a blend of individually chosen essential oils with crystal chakra stone that will completely aid a deep state of relaxation. Believe me, Rica came out fully energized & recharged after her 3-hour massage & treatments haha.

Anita, who had a stroke a while back and was careful not to overly exert herself with deep tissue massage, tried the Brightening Oxygen Facial instead which is designed for dull skin with pigmentation spots. This facial restores vitality to the skin and radiance to the complexion.

Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club gives a holistic spa experience with its state of the art spa facilities. Bathe into Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club’s hot bath to combat stress and fatigue; and cold bath to give an awakening feeling; while the heated floor provides calmness and deep relaxation.

Michelle tried both the hot & icy cold bath pools, and also the wet (moist heat) & dry sauna (dry heat). She raved about it to no end, making me doubt my decision on staying dry. I am shy when exposing my sexy body lol so I just lounged while she played as we waited for our massage appointments.

Contrast bath therapy, also known as “hot/cold immersion therapy“, is a form of treatment where a limb or the entire body is immersed in warm water followed by the immediate immersion of the limb or body in ice water. This procedure is repeated several times, alternating hot and cold. Note that the treatment should always end in the ice water, as heat will induce the body’s inflammatory response, while cold helps to decrease inflammation.

Had I known ahead of time that Marina Bay Spa & Lifestyle Club had heated floors (below right), I would have come prepared! :'( I have a chronic back pain & that heated floor really looked inviting & worth a try!

Guests get to fully experience and uncover what Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club has to offer with exclusive access to its luxurious amenities: The Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club’s Infinity Pool which sits on the roof deck overlooking the majestic Manila Bay; the Sunset View Deck which is great for private events; the Gaming Area, KTV Lounge, and Conference Rooms for pow-wow meetings.

Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club has a membership program which provides you full access to ALL the amenities, and 10% discount to its luxurious spa & treatments. Walk-ins (non-members) are most welcome, but are restricted to using only the ground floor facilities (gym included).

Everything on the second floor, including this beautiful lap pool, is strictly for members only.

Because we looked shala, teehee, the staff toured us around the club to see the member’s perks. Good thing we didn’t bring our check books with us or we’d have to answer to our husbands when we got home! :P #palosapwet

Also located on the members-only-access 2nd floor are the Gaming area (which includes a billiard & mahjong room), KTV lounge, and Conference rooms. Membership fees are as follows: SHELL 60,000 PHP – Six months validity & Php 7,500 worth of consumable spa services | PEARL 90,000 PHP – One year validity Php 15,000 worth of consumable spa services | CORAL (Corporate Membership) 270,000 PHP – One year validity Php 45,000 worth of consumable spa services.

La-Z-boys, charging pods, and giant screen television sets are conveniently & strategically placed in a waiting room that’s meant to calm your busy mind & bodies. This room is a perfect “before” and “after” massage chill out spot at the Marina Bay Spa & Lifestyle Club.

I like how the chairs are really wide that I can practically twist & turn without worrying that I’d fall off! :)) So comfy too that I didn’t want to leave my cocoon! <3

If, like me, you are not into full-body treatments, you may check out their foot and hand delights that will surely make you feel oh so relaxed!

After Rica, I think I got the most treatments with a Marina Signature Reflexology, a type of massage that concentrates solely on the feet and on the lower and upper legs reflex zones which effectively stimulates corresponding organs in the upper body. And a Marina Supreme Hand & Foot Spa with Manicure & Pedicure making me oh so ready to jingle & mingle come Christmas time! ;)

After a relaxing massage, head on over to the Crystal Dining all-day buffet area also located on the ground floor. Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club has a dining section where guests can enjoy a healthy buffet after getting a treatment (this is already included in ALL spa packages except for the foot and hand delights).

Because the Viking’s Group of Companies specializes in food, you are guaranteed a happy belly. Truly an awesome albeit simple spread! I really enjoyed the make-your-own noodle soup where I piled on dimsum delights from President Tea House (oh yes, same owners). So much that I had TWO steaming bowls!

When you are done with your massage treatments (and if you’re a member), the second level has billiards, and a bar with karaoke. If you are already a Tita of Manila, they also have a mahjong room. Whatever you are looking for, Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club has it all!

Here are some of the services offered by Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club:

CABIN AREA SPACKAGES  MARINA SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE (Hydrating body exfoliation + Marina Signature Massage + Quick facial 30) 3,000 php – 120 min | EXOTIC TROPICAL DETOX (Green tea scrub + Slimming massage) 2,199 php – 110 min | BODY AND SOUL PACKAGE (Relaxing Crystal Chakra Massage + Quick facial + Head Massage) 2,800 php – 120 min

MASSAGE REMEDIES – MARINA SIGNATURE MASSAGE (uses signature oil blends) 1,500 php – 60 min / 2,000 php – 90 min / 2,500 php – 20 min | WELLNESS MASSAGE (customized uniquely to the requirements of your body and muscles) 1,500 php – 60 min / 2,000 php – 90 min / 2,500 php – 120 min | SPORTS MASSAGE (designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress) 1,500 php 60 min / 2,000 php – 90 min / Php 2,500 php – 120 min | RECHARGE STONE THERAPY MASSAGE (uses the purest oils and hot basalt stones as an extension of the therapist’s hands) 1,750 php – 60 min / 2,375 php – 90min / 3,000 php  120 min | BAMBOO MASSAGE (uses heated bamboo to roll and knead the tissue) 1,750 php – 60 min / 2,375 php – 90 min / 3,000 php -120 min | RELAXING CRYSTAL CHAKRA MASSAGE (uses a blend of individually chosen essential oils with crystal chakra stone) 1,650 php – 60 min / 2,225 php – 90 min / 2,800 php – 120 min | AROMATIC SLIMMING MASSAGE (Mainly focused on the most troublesome areas, such as the abdomen, the buttocks or the thighs) 1,650 php – 60 min / 2,225 php – 90 min / 2,800 php – 120 min | HOLISTIC FOUR HAND MASSAGE (four-handed synchronized massage performed by two therapists working together in rhythmic tandems) 2,250 php – 90 min / 3,482 php – 120 min | MOTHER-TO-BE MASSAGE (helps relieve tension in the back while uplifting the mind) 1,500 php – 60 min / 2,000 php – 90 min / 2,500 php – 120 min

BODY WORKSHYDRATING COCONUT SCRUB (rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants, walnut shell removes dead cells) 1,750 php – 60 min | ZESTY SALT SCRUB (sses magnesium sulfate salt which has an anti-bacterial quality that helps prevent itchiness and other skin problems. 1,750 php – 60 min |  DETOXIFYING GREEN TEA SCRUB (great anti-inflammatory properties that aids the reduction of blemishes and scars) 1,750 php – 60 min | SLIMMING MUD WRAP (a detoxifying wrap with highly mineralized marine mud which helps drains toxins and excess fluids) 2,450 php – 60 min

FACIAL RETREATMARINA ADVANCED ANTI-AGEING FACIAL (an anti-wrinkle facial with proven results) 2,488 php – 60 min | BESPOKE SOOTHING FACIAL (helps lower skin sensitivity and reduce the redness for immediate comfort to stressed skin) 2,300 php – 60 min | BRIGHTENING OXYGEN FACIAL (designed for dull skin with pigmentation spots) 2,200 php – 60 min | GENTS FACIAL (this facial works overtime to help eliminate blocked pores, rapidly accelerate skin repair, and neutralize impurities) 2,200 php – 60 min

MARINA FINISHING TOUCHES – EYEBROW / LIP WAXING 150 php | UNDERARM 350 php | BIKINI 350 php | BRAZILIAN 900 php | HALF LEG 500 php | FULL LEG 900 php | HALF ARM 400 php | FULL ARM 700 php

MARINA FOOT & HAND DELIGHT – MARINA SIGNATURE REFLEXOLOGY (concentrates solely on the feet, and on the lower and upper legs reflex zones which effectively stimulates corresponding organs in the upper body) 1,400 php – 60 min | ORIENTAL PEPPERMINT FOOT REVIVER (thumb and finger techniques to various reflex points specifically on the feet up to the knee level) 1,300 php – 60 min

MARINA ESSENTIALS – MARINA SUPREME HAND SPA MANICURE (includes a full manicure and a choice of one polish) 500 php | MARINA SUPREME FOOT SPA PEDICURE (revitalise tired, sore feet with a soothing foot therapy. Includes a full pedicure and a choice of one polish) 650 php | GEL NAIL POLISH COATING 300 php

Gift cards available for purchase, now this is something one would love to receive on any occasion.

Thank you again ladies for freeing up a whole afternoon just so we can have our SPA-rty! As always, it’s time well spent with all of you. <3

On our way out, who should I bump into but the very industrious & hard-working Raquel Bartolome, Manager of Vikings Buffet Restaurant and Four Seasons Buffet & Hotpot who was there for an event! Whew, a Manager’s job is NEVER done. Ang tanong, may bonus ka naman ba? Lels jk! ;)

Dear Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club, I shall be back! And with a vengeance too after our 15-day trip in Osaka. Be ready with my mega kalyo & lamig-lamig. I think 3 hours will not be enough for my next pampering sesh! A whole day maybe? Let’s see. ;P

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