Marciano’s Italian Restaurant

And just as I thought, we had a hard time looking for red sparkling shoes to complete ate’s Katy Perry outfit. We went to ALL the nearby malls and yet she couldn’t find one up to par. Her standards are way too high, so she just wore my Harajuku wedges to the fab party the other night.

The closest we could find that was acceptable for her were these Melissa wedges.The one on the right was very similar to my Harajuku platforms, so we decided she will just use mine.

Melissa wedges 5k & above.

After our search, we parked ourselves in an Italian resto to grab a quick dinner before going home. The search for ate’s shoes is always tiring & wipes out whatever energy we have left late in the day.

I was quite (and pleasantly) surprised at the new dining establishments cropping up in Southmall. The mall now has Agave, Mango Tree, and other drool worthy, must-try places. And because we needed energy after a tedious search, CARBS was on top of our list. MARCIANO’s it was! ;)

I love the way they named their pizzas! <3

Caesar Salad 228 phpThe lettuce were crisp & fresh but the dressing didn’t impress me much.

Creamy Carbonara 228 phpAs good & as creamy as any carbonara will be. I appreciate the add-ons. Some serve it plain & it gets boring after a while. ;)
Brick oven pizza. Yay! <3 I don’t need to go far when I want one hot from the pugon.When Harry Met Sally 390 php (prosciutto & caramelized apple)

I loved the combination of the salty & sweet. The crust was chewy the way I like it.  Simply perfect.

And to be honest, I liked this waaaay better than my most recent authentic Italian pizza encounter -which I found bland.

Maybe my taste borders on anything & everything salty. :) 

Gelato 128/serving (2 scoops)
My blueberry cheesecake & dark choco/orange combo.I didn’t like the blueberry cheesecake,  and the texture was like a cookie dough.

The dark choco/orange combo was ok.

Ate’s Dulce de Leche & hazelnut combo which she loved. I’m glad. <3
My Lovey’s Dulce de Leche gelato

And after some minor alterations & revisions, we finally got her dress. Up on my next post! Ang hirap maging stage mother! :)

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