So. I had to divide my post on Shangrila Mall into 2 parts. Our friggin’ (pardon me) internet connection is sooooo BAD! @_@ I really don’t know what’s up with Sky Cable -it’s been so bad these past several weeks. I’ve been uploading pictures since noon today & it’s crawling like 1 picture every 30 minutes. I DIE!!! By 8pm, I gave up & divided my post, otherwise I’ll finish next week pa. HAAAAY!

Anyway, here’s my post on MAPLE. After walking around the mall, and the kids buying me an early mother’s day gift (YAY!), we finally digested our lunch hehe & thought about stuffing our faces once again. Food after all, makes the world go round, right? ;) Ate suggested Maple. Never heard, I’m so two-thousand-and-late! Even my Lovey HINTED that the review online for maple was far better that iHop’s. Ok, sold!

Maple syrups.. hence the name. :)
The place was nice. Actually everything in the new wing was nice & classy. Sayang lang at napaka-layo! We decided to get 4 different maple staples & try each other’s food. Waffles & pancakes.. yum!!! <3
I love how their menu looks like a classic storybook.
There’s actually a short story inside too! :)

Aside from pancakes & waffles, they have “solid” meals as well.

Americano (with a stale ginger cookie) 120 php
Pancake tower 450 php.
Di bale. As long as they’re happy! <3
Banana Pecan Waffle 335 php 
Bourbon Bread 220 php
Least expensive but the yummiest among the four. 
Stuffed French Toast 350 php
There is seriously something wrong with this combination…  
None of us touched this after a bite.
To break the sugary sweetness of our meryenda.. French Fries 100 php

Surprisingly, we didn’t finish our food (well, except for the fries). Which is UNNATURAL! Give me a holler when you eat at Maple & let’s compare notes. :) Maple, I learned, is the sister company of Pancake House. Funny how I like the pancake & waffle version of PH more. Baka mas pang-masa lang ang taste ko. :P

Another surprise. The kids didn’t buy anything. Well, except for these belts. But it’s ok because they are decorated with lush lips. Anything with lips is so worth it, don’t you agree? ;))

Red lush pouty lips!
Belt from Zara 795 php
And black pouty lips for my (goth) beauty queen.
Belt from Zara 995 php

Oh, and here’s what the kids got me for mother’s day. TELA to make cool summery shorts. Aren’t they the sweetest? Considering they’re ALL BROKE because of all their summer vacation shenanigans! <3 Thank you so much my loves, being your mother is the best gift I could ever receive. You guys complete me! :-*

I’m so excited to have these made into shorts! <3
I’m loving the summery colors in denim cloth.
Cloth from Expressions between 800-1000 php/variant (2 yards each).

And now, I really gotta do something about out internet. Any suggestions? :)

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