Maple Revisited

We first visited Maple in the new East Wing of Shangrila Mall. We just had a hearty lunch so we simply got pancakes & dessert before calling it a day. To say the least, I wasn’t very impressed considering the price & the hype. Click HERE to read about our sweet ending in Maple.

During ate’s prelims week, we had a chance to have a quick lunch date before she hit the books again. We went back to Commerce Center to see what other restos were open. We lucked out as only 4 were open: The Black Pig, Maple, Le Coeur de France, & Kessaku. We’ve eaten in all. So we decided to just give Maple another try.

Maple is on the second floor. There are no seats on the first floor. SO if you are with a disabled person, I suggest you eat somewhere else because the cafe doesn’t have a lift assist.

The complimentary bread was like a sticky sweet bun which went well with the saltiness of the butter.

The Broccoli Soup (250 php) was okay. I liked the cheesy undertone. Our server was so nice to half our order in two.

Pasta Leggero 330 php. I had to put salt & pepper to taste as I found it really really bland in spite of all the colors.

So was this Fish Taco in wheat at 450 php.

Blackened Chicken 450 php

Bourbon Bread again for our dessert 220 php

I don’t think Maple & I are meant to be friends. I really find their food bland. The 3 main courses we ordered, I smothered with salt & pepper just to spice it up. The Bourbon Bread was okay. Would have been better if we got the ala-mode version. Ice cream always makes things a little bit better don’t you think? ;)

And see what was waiting for me when I got home! <3 Todos Los Kunatos Kapitan bought me my very own COFFEE MAKER after lusting over my friend Med’s sosi cappucino maker!! I was BEYOND surprised, I tell ya, that I almost pee’d! I was soooo excited to use it right away only to find out he didn’t buy me the coffee. Just the maker. LOL-ing! @_@ Mahal daw. He said we will just order from Amazon coz it’s way cheaper there. I don’t think he factored in the shipping cost! I didn’t know if I was gonna laugh OR cry! :P Oh life!

Keurig K10 MINI Plus Brewing System $99.00 which he got at half the price from his secret store! :P

Now all I need is THIS..

Brewing Something Good Unique 35-Count Variety Pack, Single-Cup Portion Pack Sampler for Keurig K-Cup Brewers @20.00

and THIS..

35 K-Cup Carousel $30.00

and I’m good to go. Now I wonder when that’ll be! ;)) Miracles do happen! ;))

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