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Manosa (Maki Place)

It’s only quite recent that we’ve taken to going out on Sundays. To eat out I mean. We’ve always dined in & stayed in on Saturdays & Sundays if we can help it. Kap never was interested in going to the malls & restos over the weekend because of the crowd. That is until he found out na ABA! Wala palang tao sa Binondo kapag linggo!

And so, our Sundays have never been the same again. :P Add to that the 2 mudras have been tagging along too so our brood has gotten quite bigger. Kailangan na ni Kap bumili ng Van so we can all fit! :P

A couple of Sundays ago, we went to Manosa’s Maki Place. Our original destination was Masuki. The kids were clamoring for another noodle jaunt. But Kap said para maiba naman daw, we will have Maki noodles. The malapot noodle soup with gawgaw.


Kap is in a playful mood. Can you tell he’s happy to be in familiar neighborhood among his townsfolk hehe? ;))


PicMonkey Collage1

Plus, he’s extra happy because of the prices. Our bill came out 1.4k with all our orders so his grin was ear-to-ear the whole time!


PicMonkey Collage2

Kap made a quick detour as we were walking towards the resto & came out of a grocery with H2O on hand. Hay si Kap talaga. Mas mahal daw kasi ang tubing sa kainan! But I wanted black gulaman, so wala rin syang nagawa! Waiter, 2 bottles please. #PasawaySiMisis



PicMonkey Collage3














If you are wondering why my princess is missing, heto sya. May party! Nagpaiwan.


On our way to the car, Kap made another quick detour. Sinilip namin sya sa bintana. He was going over the menu at the resto next door. Aba. May balak na para sa susunod na linggo! Abangan ang Binondo Girl series. Malapit na! :P

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