Mano Po, Ninong

My hunny bunny has been asked to be a Ninong for two-month old Ziggy. Ziggy’s dad Gerard (De Original Jamaican Patties) & my hunny bunny are great tennis buddies. They have a long standing wednesday tennis date night that absolutely CANNOT be broken come hell or high waters. Honestly! @_@

This is what we got for Ziggy. Yes, a bit “mature” for him I know, but babies grow up fast, don’t they? And I’m sure all the other godparents gave him age-appropriate toys or clothes haha, so this one at least he can enjoy in the months to come.

A favorite among moms and kids alike, the award-winning Learn & Groove Musical Table engages and entertains with more than 40 learning songs, sparkling lights and lots to spin, slide, push, pull, open and close. In Learning mode, babies and toddlers can explore letters, numbers from 1 to 10, colors and opposites – in either English or Spanish. Flip the page to Music mode and your child can move and groove to songs and melodies, including nursery rhymes, real instrument sounds and upbeat dance tunes. Remove the legs for baby to play and explore on the floor, and then attach them for standing play. The detachable legs also allow for easy travel and storage. Parents can connect to the online LeapFrog® Learning Path for customized learning insights and ideas to expand the learning.
Learning Skills:
• Numbers
• Counting
• The alphabet
• Shapes
• Colors
• Opposites
• First words in English

Baptism was yesterday at St. James The Great. I think this is only my 2nd time to set foot in St. James & I am always struck by how beautiful this church is.

With another tennis bud, Maning! :)
Also a ninong.
It’s really an honor for my hunny to be chosen as one of the trusted ninongs. <3
The Maronilla Family <3
Ziggy, Iris, Zion, Gerard & Sam.
Welcome to the christian world, Ziggy! <3

Proceeded to Alba’s to celebrate Ziggy’s baptism. Spanish food for a change, YAY for me!!! m/

Cupcakes from Aggy’s! <3
Oh-la-la Paella! <3

Did not bother with other food.
Went straight to the oh so tender & lovely cochinilla for the kill! <3 <3 <3 

Mah plate!!! <3
Okay, so I did bother with the other food, teehee! :P 
Mah sangria! <3
Appetizer table..
My hunny’s appetizer which I skipped to make room for more..
With my Hun’s wednesday tennis group.

Mah dessert plate! <3
Gotta love that brazo de mercedes.

But WAIT!!! I have an outfit post hehe.. pagbigyan nyo na ako!

Muchas Gracias! :-*

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