Mandarin Palace

We finally got to try the new chinese place, Mandarin Palace Seafood & Shabu Shabu Restaurant along Aguirre Street in BF Paranaque last night before watching the new James Bond flick. My hunny bunny is a chinese food junkie & he’s always on the lookout for an authentic chinese resto near our area. Going all the way to manila is such a drag with the traffic & distance. So far, he’s only found one that somewhat passed his standards here in the south -Luk Foo! :P Well, 2 really -the other is Phoenix Court but it’s pricey, so that’s reserved for special occasions! ;))

Along Aguirre Avenue, B.F. Homes, P’que. Tel# 4785420

So, I was pleasantly surprised when he liked this new restaurant. Best of all, the price isn’t bad. For starters, a whole peking duck cooked 2 ways is 999 php! Now isn’t that a steal! ;)

As usual, we got there early since we were watching a movie after. So the place was still empty haha.
They have booth seating too, if you’d rather have an intimate table.

My dearly departed friends! :P 
They have a dimsum tray too.
I suggest you try everything. Noms! <3

Shark’s Fin Dumpling 
Beef Meatball
Vegetable Dumpling
Xiao Long Bao 
Alas, my dear friend arrived just in time! <3
1st Way..
2nd Way..
3rd way. The remnants of my poor friend, the duck! :P 
Sweet & Sour Pork
Birthday Noodles 
Hot & Sour Soup 
Yang Chow Fried Rice
Brocolli Flower in Garlic Sauce
No, this is not lapu-lapu but tasted like one. Super fresh from the aquarium Tilapia. 300/piece. Errybody happy! ;))
If you dare ask for freebies, chinese restaurants normally give you free dessert. Like this mango sago hehe. <3
and Buchi for the adults. :)
FREEBIES ARE LOVE, doncha think? ;P
The kids. Can you say: WIPED OUT? ;P
The oldies.
What a happy, well-fed group we are. <3
I know. The prices aren’t listed -I didn’t forget. Somebody else got hold of the bill so I wasn’t able to indicate the price on the pictures. You see, we operate by seniority in our little group. The ate/kuya handles the checking of the bill & collection haha. But the total price came out to 6k so 2k/family wasn’t really that bad for the amount of food we consumed. And let me assure you, every single morsel passed our very high standards -and that says A LOT! ;))

I love holidays. I get to spend it with people I LHAV! <3

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