Mandarin Palace Revisited

Thursday was M.I.L’s 85th birthday. I know, a week-long eating bonanza!! @_@ Even in my dreams, I’m burping! :P

Since all she eats is chinese food, we took her to Mandarin Palace in B.F. Ate took time off from her pageant duties to put on her granddaughter hat & celebrated with us. Yay! <3

I put on my best behavior & didn’t pip a squeak. ;) Hubby was delighted with me. (Insert my angel wings here!) Of course, having my OWN mommy there reminded me to paste on my most angelic smile harhar.

Hers & His
Spicy Jellyfish with Century Egg
Yang Chow.. walang katapusan! :P
Broccoli Flower in X.O. Sauce
Beef Hofan.
Steamed Fish.
Quack Quack! <3 First way.
Quack Quack! <3 Second way.
Quack Quack! <3 Third way.
Quack Quack! <3 MY way.
Hayz. Syempre laging tabi si mama+boy! @_@
Hindi pa rin sya happy???
Fine, whatevs! :P
Snow Balls.

Remember.. chinese restaurants often give a 10% discount when you ASK for it. Either that, or free dessert (makapal si Kapitan K so we got both hehe). So don’t be shy. Exercise your right! ;P

Happy birthday, M.I.L. dear! Stop being the queen of the house & my man’s heart and just be a plain grammie, magkakasundo tayo! :)

BTW, yes talagang walang presyo ang food pics. I didn’t ask for the receipt, baka pagbayarin ako eh! :P

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