Mamma Mia

Kapitan K strikes again! ;)) He only bought 3 tickets to the mamma mia musical (need I say why???). So I sacrificed my ticket & gave it to my babyson. Sigh.

Apart from ate, we are really not the cultured family type anyway, haha. We don’t watch plays, or musicals. We don’t go to exhibits, or buy art in any form (painting, sculptures, what-have-you’s). We are, for short, UNSOPHISTICATED haha, ok EXCEPT for ate! ;))

I think ate got her taste from my Dad. He was an artist. He played the piano beautifully, dabbled in painting. Appreciated beauty in it’s entirety. Unfortunately, ate was the only one who got that gene I think, haha! ;)) I remember seeing my dad wear nothing but suits to work (unless of course he was in the operating room).

That’s me with my dapper dad, surrounded by paintings & art in our
then-apartment inside the small hospital he owned.
And endless beautiful expensive things.
He was truly a man of culture.

Anyway, show was as 8pm, so we had dinner at Szechuan House (Aloha Hotel, Roxas Blvd.) since it was the only restaurant near CCP that was not so crowded. In keeping with his penny-pinching nature, Kapitan K brought us first to Aristocrat, good thing it was jam-packed! So he had no choice but to go somewhere else or risk the kids being late for the musical! :P

Kung Pao Chicken
Notice how small the serving is?
2 scoops from the serving spoon & it’s gone! ;))
Broccoli Flower in Garlic Sauce
Sweet & Sour Pork
Yang Chow Fried Rice
Spicy Shredded Beef
Fish fillet with Taugue
Shrimp Balls
Fried Bread w/condensed milk

It was kinda pricey in SH (250-300/small serving), so Kapitan K ordered the small-sized dishes (good for 2) each. Sa katitipid, he ended up ordering more hahaha. Ayan kasi!!! :P Total bill came to 2.5k, he was soooo not happy -he was muttering his budget was only around 1k! ;))

Drove the kids to CCP..

Then went off for ice cream at Iceberg’s. I tried to coax him into staying at sofitel instead, but he knew what he was in for if we stepped into yet another hotel hehe, so he wisely LURED directed me to this bright colorful LOVE WHEEL! Oooooohhhh, how romantic, I thought… Only to find out that we were only there to LOOK, not RIDE! @_@

He knew I was attracted to bright lights,
so he LURED me into going to the strip instead of Sofitel! :P
I was clapping & bouncing on my seat like a child,
excited to go aboard the air-conditioned LOVE WHEEL…
only to find out it cost 150/person!
Sigh.. byebye Love Wheel! :(

So we really ended up with ice cream..

My chocolate parfait
His banana split :)
Kapitan K made up for my disappointment with silly kwentos between mouthfuls of ice cream.
Sige na nga! Sayang lang my outfit haha! :)

Sigh, my hunny so funny talaga! Just the other day, I showed him this -hinting at a possible bouquet for valentines..

“Buy 1dozen/take 2dozen later” promo.
Perfect since my bday & our anniversary was coming up.
Or so I thought! :P

He said he’ll just take me out on a lunch date at Buffet 101 instead & a movie date after… oh Romeo, my Romeo! How sweet art thou! :P

Di bale, kinupitan naman kita for my dog fund eh, hakhakhak! He’ll be surprised to find some $$$ missing from his account! ;))

Hay naku Kapitan K, kahit ganyan ka, you’re still my Valentine -Always & Forever!!! <3

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