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Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen

My Kuya’s Unica Hija came home for the holidaze from her stint in Florence with her Italian boyfie. So mom thought of treating us to lunch & a bit of fun at the China Palace of Tagaytay Highlands. Whenever we have guests, Tagaytay Highlands is really our go-to place because well, it’s very clean & pollution-free will all those tall trees. It has a scenic view, and of course, the fine & exclusive restaurants within the area.


Ciao Pascuale! :P


One of our main staples, this Crystal Prawn with anchovy sauce. MUY DELIZIOSO! <3


Look at how BIG it is! <3 Oh so crunchy, oh so yummeh!

After the customary lunch, short tour & activities, the kids asked to visit the outlets in Nuvali, Laguna. It has become sort of our tradition to pass through whenever we drive home from Tagaytay. That, and they wanted to try MAMA LOU’s ITALIAN KITCHEN.

We actually have one right in BF Paranaque, the main branch. But BF is a maze I will never understand. And we were actually hungry following the afternoon activities & touring, even after a heavy lunch. Nakakapagod mag-entertain ha. Lalo na at Italyano ang kausap mo. What is nosebleed! #languagebarrier #signlanguage

Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen

– B1 L36 , Tropical Ave. cor Palace St. B.F International Village, Las Piñas (02) 519-1977
– Solenad 2, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa Laguna, Philippines  (+63 49) 302-0752; (+63 915) 789-6262
Mama Lou’s is owned by a French national, Richard Tremblay and his Filipina wife, the late MALOU whom the restaurant was named after. Read about their inspiring but bittersweet story HERE.
I’ve been hearing about it for the longest time, and reading about it in the Top 10 must visit list in the South by different bloggers. But it’s in a different part of BF than I am more accustomed to. So I never did get to set foot in the main branch. I believe the owners (father/daughter tandem) are really hands on there & actually man the business.
The one in Nuvali is, for me, easier to find. But after having tasted its Buttered Risotto, I may just waze & brave the way to BF one of these days! <3

The main branch in BF is cozier, homier. Like a house-turned-resto kind. This one in Nuvali has more of a resto-in-a-mall feel.


Based on the photos I googled, both have the same warm interiors & rustic feel.


It was a hard decision to make, choosing what food to eat, as we wanted to sample A LOT! @_@


As soon as you are seated, you are given a complimentary bread & dip of Pesto & Tomato.


Chef’s Salad 275 php. Fresh iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms and garlic sausage served with Italian vinaigrette dressing.


Raspberry Iced Tea, Strawberry Iced Tea, and Mama Lou’s Iced Tea (basil infused, in a mason jar). All 80 php/glass.


Buttered Risotto 295 php. Creamy Italian Arborio Rice with butter & parmesan cheese. IL MIGLIORE! <3


Next time, we’ll make sure to order ONE EACH!


I love pies baked fresh from the pugon. Nothing beats an authentic pugon-baked pizza! <3


Margherita Pizza. Tomatoes, mozzarella, and fresh basil. Small (10″) 260.00 | Large (14″) 375.00 Add-on: Vegetable 40.00 Seafood 55.00 Meat 55.00 Cheese 60.00 Anchovy 60.00


Mama Lou’s Special Pizza. Tomatoes, mozzarella, prosciutto, mango, arugula, and balsamic cream. Small (10″) 350.00 | Large (14″) 450.00

To view a list of their menu, CLICK HERE. Mama Lou’s, we are SO not over! The GOppets shall return. And I promise you, with a bigger appetite than ever! :)
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