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Malinamnam na Kaarawan sa Manam

New cast members alert. ;)

Kap’s sister from Canada came for a 3-week visit to the Philippines. She stayed with us amidst the chaos, buti nalang pamilya haha. NKKLK the state of our house now, empty space & kalat everywhere as we wait impatiently for the big move!


Iba talaga ang anak na babae. Ang mga anak na lalaki kasi kulang sa lambing. So for the past 3 weeks sagana at busog sa lambing at pagmamahal si MIL. ;)

I was hoping she could delay her arrival to at least late March or early April so she can stay in the new home Kap is so lovingly fixing up for us. But she already filed her leave a few months back, and arranged & planned her schedule with old friends, so we just had to hope for the best. Buti nalang cowboy sya & not maarte like me. I cringed as we had to make do with a double deck bed & an old lumpy sofa bed to squeeze her & her 10-year-old daughter into an already crowded MIL’s bedroom. Onli in da Pilipins!

Being a balikbayan whose last visit to the Philippines was 10 years ago, she was naturally excited to eat in Filipino restos. And I’m sure you already know my love-hate affair with Filipino food & restaurants (aka lutong bahay – because we have a great cook who whips up & cooks amazing filipino recipes so I’d rather eat something else when out). So I made sure we went to restos that served unusual Filipino fare that would also provide her with a unique experience while here in Manila.

What’s more ideal than Manam Comfort Food with menu choices of Filipino originals & twists by The Moment Group who brought to us ‘Cue Modern Barbecue, 8 Cuts Burger Blends, Din Tai Fung (Taiwanese), Phat Pho (Vietnamese), Ooma & Mecha Uma (Japanese), Linguni Fini (Italian), and Bank Bar (drinks & party scene).

Manam Comfort Filipino Restaurant

G/F Greenbelt 2, Esperanza St. cor Greenbelt Drive, Ayala Center, Makati (02) 625-0515


Manam is forever full. Because not only is the food good, it’s also affordable too. No wonder people are always flocking to Manam in Greenbelt 2.



Ang nakakatunaw at nakakakilig na malagkit na tingin ni Kap my Kap. :P Masyado naman akong kinabog ano ba yan! ;))



We were lucky to get a long table for 12 after a short wait considering Manam doesn’t accept reservations huhu.



The last time they saw their cousin Taylor, she was a wee baby.



How Kap spells her name. HAHAHAHAHA! Uma-accent pa kasi eh! :P



Kape’t sago’t gulaman 105 php & Mango+Pomelo+Coconut cream+sago 120 php.



Ube+Sago 195 php.



What we wanted the balikbayans to try, Manam’s famous Sinigang na Beef Short Rib and Watermelon. Small (Good for 1) 230 php | Medium (Good for 3) 405 php | Large (Good for 6) 735 php.



Dynamite Lumpia of Cheddar Filled Green Finger Chilies. Small (Good for 1) 90 php | Medium (Good for 3) 150 php | Large (Good for 6) 270 php.



Crunchy Salt and Pepper Squid Rings with a Sweet Chili Sauce. Small (Good for 1) 150 php | Medium (Good for 3) 260 php | Large (Good for 6) 450 php.



Gising Gising. Small (Good for 1) 120 php | Medium (Good for 3) 205 php | Large (Good for 6) 355 php.



Pinakbet Small (Good for 1) 120 php. | Medium (Good for 3) 205 php | Large (Good for 6) 365 php.



Caramelized Patis Wings. Small (Good for 1) 165 php | Medium (Good for 3) 295 php | Large (Good for 6) 525 php.



Freshly Char-Grilled Squid na Binusog ng Crab at Chorizo. Small (Good for 1) 335 | Medium (Good for 3) 605 | Large (Good for 6) 995 php.



Sizzling Saucy Sisig. Small (Good for 1) 155 php | Medium (Good for 3) 265 php | Large (Good for 6) 450 php.



Kare-Kare with Oxtail. Small (Good for 1) 285 php | Medium (Good for 3) 485 php | Large (Good for 6) 935 php.



Garlic Rice. Small (Good for 1) 60 php. | Medium (Good for 3) 95 php | Large (Good for 6) 155 php.



The cast & crew of Malinamnam na Kararawan sa Manam. :P



What I like about birthdays! The best part of any celebration. \m/


Gata Leche Flan. Small (Good for 1) 95 php | Medium (Good for 3) 158 php. | Large (Good for 6) 235 php.



Turon of Mango and Kesong Puti Small (Good for 1) 135 | Medium (Good for 3) 240 | Large (Good for 6) 450 php.

Whad’ya know? We even bumped into a reader on our next visit to Manam so soon after my birthday celeb with the extended fambam (Yes that’s how much we love the food at Manam‘s!). Hello YULIA NOVA! :) It was nice meeting you, thank you for coming up & introducing yourself & greeting me. :-*


Yulia is a Thai National. Sah-wah-dee kha. :)



As we headed home, the situation outside. Homaygas, traffic pa rin. People! There’s another one in Fort. Let’s digress! :P

And that’s it for my birthday series. Thank you folks for staying tuned in as always. How sweet it is to be loved by you. :-*

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