Male Bonding

I’m so glad my son has two new friends! So, on top of his ONLY guy friend Luigi (hehehe!), he has 2 NEW ones, yippeeeee!!! @_@

The problem with a small school is it also has a small population. And girls outnumber the boys 4:1. Last year, I think there were only 6 boys in my son’s class. 2 were queers & always had more screamfest & drama than the girls, 1 had a major behavioral problem, 1 was a loner. So that left my son with only 1 guy friend who, thank goodness, shared the same interests with my son.

This year, there are 3 new boys aboard, replacing the 2 who left (queer & loner). So I didn’t waste any time encouraging my son to make friends with the two –faster than both superman & a speeding bullet! :P How nice it would have been if he had 3 more new friends but the other new classmate is in the inclusion program & is not behaviorally fit to go on playdates unaccompanied by a person of authority who can handle him. So. that leaves him with just the 2.

Last week they went to the mall to watch a movie & some guy bonding (with 1 girl haha!)..

My baby son with a girl friend who also tagged along.
P.S.-Not a girlfriend. just a friend in the girl variety kind!  ;)
Timezone with Matthew, a new student.
And another new guy, Luis behind them.
Today, my son asked them over after school for a PS3 hook-up! :P I really really hope these guys will hit it off & become great friends for the next 3 years of high school!
Too bad Matthew wasn’t able to come! :(
I was so happy that I think I might have overfed them a tad! :)) Hey, they did say that the way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach right? ;P 
Fed them mojos & schubligs for snacks

And a make-your-own big fat juicy burger.. 
 with fries on the side for dinner.
Tada! Sooooo YUMMY!!!
My not-so-big, not-so-sturdy boys getting ready to dig in! :))

Sigh.. what I would give to make my kids’ high school life fun, exciting & oh so memorable!  ‘Til their next “playdate”! ;)

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