Make Your Own Invites

My Lovey’s birthday is coming up. With all the limelight ate is getting for her debut, my Lovey deserved a little attention of her own.

So, we decided to spruce up her invites. She is allowed to invite 13 girls as she is turning the big 1-3! ;) A teenager na, my darling bay. Boohoo! :'(( *waterworks*

She wanted water theme. Swimming, water balloons, the works. So we decided flip flops! m/

Went to Banana Peel for some colorful slippers to make as invites.

Banana Peel flip flops, 270 php/pair.
You can probably buy it cheaper in SM.
But you know how excited little girls get! ;P Ayaw na mag-wait!
Bought 7 pairs. 
Bought ribbons & accessories as well to use as beads.
and of course CANDIES! What little girl doesn’t want candies??? 
Skulls, Spikes & Lace coz she’s Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice! <3 
Invite which we glued to the back of the sole.
Pink version. My favorite! <3

I hope you’ll have THE BEST birthday party ever, baby. I love you so much. Thank you for being the sweetest baby in the whole wide world!!! <3

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