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Love, Ms. Piggy (Make Sure of Your Actions)

Early in our marriage when I was still immature.. okay scratch that. When I was more immature than I am now, I -the drama queen, would go over the top when we have fights.

Like I said on my previous post, Kap has a tendency to give me the cold shoulder when I do something he doesn’t agree on. Then he would slam things around for my benefit. Plus, he has the loooongest grudge in the history of mankind. I HATE IT.

His anger is the exact opposite of mine. Where his is a silent killer that gnaws at you til you can’t bear it, mine is an explosion. After which there is calm & peace. I’m usually okay after an outburst & all is well in my world again. I just need to let it all out, then I’m done. No history. As in KAPUT, end of story. Baliktad kami.

So one time we were fighting because I did something that led to his cold treatment. Bumigay na ako. That was during Christmas pa ha can you believe it? And we had 3 kids na, kawawa. Our cold war started Decenber 1 (I think it was because of one of my christmas shopping sprees I can’t even remember anymore) and until the 24th he still wasn’t speaking to me MY GOSH! @_@ So to get his attention, I took a match & lit up all my gifts to him in fire. Just to get his reaction. None. Nope, no reaction. Syempre ako yung nag-react. Ang mahal kaya nung mga regalo ko puro Lacoste (That’s what was “in” that time, lels)! So I hurriedly put out the fire myself (thank goodness I just lit a small fire!) & saved whatever of his gifts I could save. Kahihiyan to the highest level. I couldn’t even finish what I have started hehe.



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Hay, what you do when you’re young & crazy! That was the first & the last time I did anything crazy. Hindi umuubra kay Kap eh. Walang kwenta. So I strongly advice you young wives, when you do something BIG, make sure you can pull it off. Otherwise, you’ll go down in history as the wimp (and cray cray) in the relationship. Just like that, nawala ang pagka-astig ko. That certainly showed who the Alpha was in the relationship! :P

Moral lesson of the story: If you wanna burn something, 1) make sure it’s something cheap -and you can stand to see it burn to a crisp! 2) make sure your house won’t burn down in the process 3) make sure you have a fire extinguisher ready and last but not the least, 4) make sure you can swallow your pride & live this down! :P

PS: Ending, Kap was probably so scared I’d burn the house by accident, & he’s such a cheapskate too so we didn’t have insurance. He eventually forgave me. An all was well again in my crazy world. :P

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