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Make Me Blush

KATHI once again took us along to join her in her beauty sesh at MAKE ME BLUSH. She has really adopted us & brings us to most of her girly events. Ate & my Lovey has an older sister in her as she totally dotes on them like crazy! <3

One lazy Wednesday, we Southerners went all the way to QC to try this newly opened Salon in Hemady Square.



Hemady Square

Unit 303 86 Dona Hemady Street Corner E. Rodriguez Ave.

Quezon City, Philippines

Phone: (02) 234 9529









Greeting us with a big smile as we entered was the very attentive & charming owner ALYSSA RAE APOSTOL who was very hands on & took care of our every need. <3


I loved the candy colors that splashed the walls & upholstery of the uber comfy lounging chairs. I’m a Victorian over modern type of girl so I chose the laid-back designed chairs over the modern ones across. ;)





I enjoy bonding with my girls so any invites that include them, I happily accept with a grateful heart. <3


Our hostess was very quick to offer us beverages of our choice. I asked for coffee as I was missing my afternoon nap & felt sluggish. :P



Make Me Blush pampered us with the LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME package 590 php (manicure, pedicure, and foot spa). Ayssa was so generous to also include a massage in our afternoon package, but since we were meeting friends for dinner, we had to beg off.


What is DONYA.. ;) When you go to a full-service Salon to get pampered. Expect just that. Full-blown pampering.. meaning no rushing, no shortcuts. Time is paused. So our session lasted for 3 whole hours! Make sure you have ample time to spare when you come for a Spa day. Bring a book, or take a long leisurely nap to while the time away.


What is SUMOBRA NAMAN SA PAGKA-DONYA!!! ;)) They must have sensed my panic as the clock tick-tocked away & I was only halfway through, so 1 became 2! :P Nahiya naman ako!


Thank you so much ALYSSA for our treat. My girls & I love to be pampered & doted on, so this was the perfect way to get to our hearts! :)


And thank you so much Kathi for loving me & my girls so much! We truly appreciate your kindness to us, and we love you back from the bottom of our big big hearts! <3

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