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Almost everyone in the blog world is going gaga over magnum! Good promotional job — whoever is handling the P.R. work. Lots & lots of $$$ shelled out to have made this brand a success! ;))

Even as we lined up to pay for our groceries in S&R, we saw carts ahead of us with magnum boxes in the check out lane. So I decided to see what the hoopla was about…

Comes in 3 flavors: Classic, Caramel & Almond.
Almost 300/box of 3.
The classic remains to be my kids’ favorite.
As can be seen in their euphoric expressions haha…



Thick chocolate shell & creamy vanilla ice cream.
Sosier version of our own magnolia pinipig crunch! ;P



I, however, liked the Caramel flavor best.
The caramel oozes as soon as you bite into the crunchy shell
& the mixture of the 3 is just heavenly! <3
I didn’t like the Almond flavor much.
Although it’s still an upgrade to our pinipig crunch! :))

I heard (or rather, read) that more flavors are out. Grab some while you still can! :)

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