Magnum Opus Fine Coffee

While waiting for the boys to finish their tennis game one wednesday night, we 3 girls decided to kill time by having coffee at MAGNUM OPUS FINE COFFEE in BF Paranaque. Ate saw pictures on instagram & suggested it to me. She really is my go-to person for food & drinks. Though by looking at her small, bony frame you wouldn’t think she eats OR drinks! :P


It was also featured in EATS 2014. I read it from the copy RICHIE gave me. Yes, we are on first name basis. And yes, feeling close na ako sa kanya, bakit ba! :P



This photo belongs to Magnum Opus.




For a more detailed & professional post on Magnum Opus, click HERE. As we all know, I’m more of a nagpapanggap na blogger haha so if you want to know more about the Single Origin Specialty Coffee House, I suggest you click on When In Manila’s link! ;)



For those in the area, Magnum Opus is right across Tarlac Rice.
Go slowly as you trudge Elizalde coz 1 sneeze & you’ll miss it! :P



The place is teeny tiny which makes for a cozy coffee date after a heavy dinner perhaps.
In our case, it was pre-dinner! :P
The decor reminds me of baguio because of all the heavy wooden tables & chairs.








They also serve food aside from coffee. But since we were having a heavy dinner after, we just stuck with coffee.







With the very hands-on young owner of the Fine Coffee establishment, JONATHAN CHOI.








Maricar’s Chilled Heartbreaker 175 php
Mocha espresso, dark chocolate, steamed milk. Chilled.





My Belgian Heartbreaker 175 php
Mocha espresso, dark chocolate, steamed milk. Warmed.
Actually it came with a simple heart froth but I flat out refused to drink it until Jonathan changed it into a pig. OINK. Voila! ;)
Thank you Jonathan for humoring me.
I wasn’t getting out of the coffee shop without seeing a schmancy-fancy work of coffee art! :P
Make sure you also ask for a detailed one when you do visit.


Marocchino 150 php
Unsweetened chocolate, double dose of espresso with a tiny topping of milk & a chocolate chaser.
If you’re not a black coffee drinker like Eileen, this is NOT for you! ;))





Okay, you caught me! :P We split an apple strudel coz we were like cross-eyed hungry already at 9PM waiting for the boys to finish playing!
Jonathan just happened to place it on MY side of the table, ok!



I just placed an order for my v-cups in Amazon. Can’t wait for my box to arrive soon so I can finally have cappuccinos in the comfort of my own home whenever I feel like it. <3 Come over then, let’s have coffee! ;)


And sorry for the bad picture quality of this post & the previous one. I’ve been trying out my new phone’s camera to see if it’ll do so I won’t have to buy a new camera. Obviously, it won’t. And I DO have to buy a new camera huhuhu. Now THAT’s a heartbreaker! :P

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