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MADiL. Make a Difference in Life

Hot on the heels after the Havaianas craze is new player in the Philippine market, MADiL Flipflops! MADiL, a US brand, is short for MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN LIFE. Not only because of the comfort it brings to the most abused part of our body, but because for every pair purchased, $1 is donated for the fund for cleft palate repair surgeries of children worldwide.




A bundle of MADiL cost P999 (includes extra bands & a charm). Extra bands are P150, regular charms are P200, and charms with studs are P250. For orders or inquiries… Email : Instagram: @mymadilph Facebook: mymadilph


Good news is, MADiL flipflops has Philippine distributors in the persons of KITKAT FAULMINO, TINA CANDA, and RAQUEL BUMBAY! So no need to order your MADiL flipflops online to get a pair or two of these hot new colorful flipflops! \m/



Kitkat Faulmino , Tina Canda, and Raquel Bumbay. Kitkat and Tina are both full-time moms while Raquel is a banker.


MADiL was introduced to the Philippine market when three friends who went to the same high school & college together thought of starting a business. Since one is based in the US, they all agreed that she will look for a good product to sell in the Philippines and the other two will be the ones to market it here. Early this year, Kitkat who is based in the US discovered MADiL and immediately introduced it to Tina and Raquel. Soon enough,all 3 were enthusiastic to bring the brand to the Philippines. One unique feature is that MADiL is fully customizable, which made an interesting (read: different) addition to the existing brands of flip flops here.




For our Bellevue Holy Weekend staycation, Kitkat, Tina & Raquel so graciously & generously gave me & my lady guests 13 pairs of MADiL flipflops to try! We were, of course, tickled pink & dee-lighted! <3


photo 4


How to add/remove colored bands

To remove a colored band, grab the metal end piece from the underside of the flip flop strap and push it through the hole of the strap.  Do the same to the other side of the colored band.To add a new colored band, push the metal end piece of the band through the hole from the upper side of the flip flop strap.  Do the same to the other side. Make sure that the metal end pieces lie flat in the recessed grooves in the underside of the strap.


How to add/remove a charm

Adding a charm can be tricky, but once you do it a few times, you’ll get the hang of it. It’s easiest to add a charm when the bands are already in the flip flop and the flip flop is on a flat surface.To add a charm, place the charm between your index finger and thumb with the open slit in the back of the charm clasp in view.  Gently stretch the band with your fingers so that the band becomes tun.  Place the thinned band in the open slit in the back of the charm clasp.  Once the band is in place, let go of the charm.To remove a charm, gently pull the charm from the band.For more help, check out their YouTube video.



My girls had lots of fun interchanging & exchanging bands & charms. Nagka DIY moment silang bigla! ;))




For now, MADIL flipflops come in 5 exciting colors!


Thank you KITKAT, TINA & RAQUEL for your generosity! <3 We all enjoyed our MADiL flipflops so much that we used them for our pool party with SUPERSIZED PH. Up next! ;)
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