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Hay naku Babyson, where to start? :P Out of my 3 babies, ikaw ang pinaka-layas, pinaka-matigas ang ulo, at pinaka-deadma sa akin hmp! Sa inyong 3, sayo ako walang mapapala sa totoo lang!

BUT, I love you just the same. And you will always be my baby boy no matter how tall you get, how old you become, or how many kids you have in the FAR & DISTANT FUTURE (with just ONE wife ok!). I will always see you as the cute little chink who used to hold mommy 1st in his heart na hindi maka-let go. ANYAREH???

I miss the days when I was the center of his universe huhu. Young moms, hold on to your children for as long as you can. Cherish them, and spend as much time with them as you can. Pretty soon, they’ll have wings which they will want to spread as far & wide as possible. And all you can do is watch them, pray fervently, and hope that they don’t fall.

You still have a loooong way to go, anak. I know it’s so easy to get into the here & now, but please ensure your future first. And be the Godly man that your dad is. You have seen how he is, I tell you that I have observed & rubbed elbows with many holding the title of husband & father, and ours is by far the closest to perfect. So I pray that you will emulate him as a husband & father, and you will never go wrong.


A successful family unit needs a strong & Godly leader. May you be a loving husband & a responsible father to your future family, my Babyson. Emulate dad, walk with God, and you can never go wrong.

All I wish for you is happiness & peace -those things money cannot buy. Everything else you can work for & achieve, but only God can give you those 2 so always keep Him close to your heart. <3


Happy birthday my sweetheart. :-* I love you so so much, my one & only son. I always pray for your safety & well-being, kaya pwede ba, mag-update ka naman sa nanay mo paminsan-minsan? Dami ko nang puting buhok galing sayo ha!

For my Babyson’s 19th birthday, we celebrated a day in advance at the Mabuhay Palace of Manila Hotel. Our first time! I can’t believe we haven’t set foot at the chinese restaurant of the oldest hotel in Manila ever! @_@


This is my White Paper. “When the going gets tough, many of us focus on the little black dot on a white paper. It’s the same with our lives. We have a white paper to observe and enjoy, but we always focus on the dark spots that mar our happiness & prevent us from enjoying life’s pleasures. Our life is a gift given to us by God, with love and care, and we always have reasons to celebrate – nature renewing itself everyday, our family & friends around us, the job that provides our livelihood, the miracles we see everyday. However we insist on focusing only on the dark spots – the health issues that bother us, the lack of money, the complicated relationship with a family member, the disappointment with a friend. The dark spots are very small compared to everything we have in our lives, but they are the ones that pollute our minds. Let us take our eyes away from the black spots in our lives. Enjoy each one of our blessings, each moment that life gives us.”


The love between & amongst her children never fails to warm a mother’s heart. All the riches cannot compare to knowing that come what may, they’ve got each other’s back. I love how they are friends beyond siblings, and get along so well. I’m such a blessed mom. <3

Mabuhay Palace

Manila Hotel, One Rizal Park, Roxas Blvd. Malate, Manila (02) 527-0011


We were overwhelmed with the many choices available (SEE HERE) so we just settled with a set menu (not recommended). It’s good to know though that Mabuhay Palace has available set menus priced per person. This way, if there are just a few of you wanting to sample several dishes in smaller portions, it’s still possible & won’t make a huge dent in your finances. :)


Babyson ha! :| Just so you know, your kakulitan DOES NOT make me happy! I just noticed this when I was editing! Always giving me grief! @_@


Just like this guy. :| Like father, like son nga talaga. zOMG! When I said to emulate your dad, I didn’t mean to copy the ENTIRE package hehe! :P #maginoonamedyobastos


Complimentary Wanton chips.


Three-kind Dimsum Combination, which unfortunately you can’t choose & is a surprise from the Chef. A surprise that we didn’t like much, lol. So we ordered our own dimsum (below). :P Normally 750 php for a small serving (4-5 pax).


Sweet corn soup with chicken meat. (Normally 250 php/order)


Stir-fried prawn & cuttle fish in schezuan chili sauce. (Normally 480 php for a small serving)


Steamed minced pork with chinese sausage & dried scallop. (Normally 500 php for a small serving)


Deep-fried fish fillet in tomato sauce. (Normally 800 php for a small serving)


Stir-fried sliced beef with vegetable in oyster sauce. (Normally 450 php for a small serving)


Stewed eggplant with minced pork in casserole. (Normally 400 php for a small serving)


Yes, baliktad. Kaming matatanda ang naka-bib hehe! :P


Family is not an important thing. Family is EVERYTHING. <3


Mabuhay Palace special dessert of the day (also a surprise, and not that special -lol) :P Almond beancurd with assorted fruit, normally 180 php/cup.


Now showing.. MANO PO! ;))

Since the girls are pescatareans, we made sure to order extra dishes as they are limited to eating just seafood & veggies..


Century egg 150 php; 3 orders of Hakaw 780 php; 3 orders of Seafood Taro Puff 540 php; and Jellyfish 500 php.


Braised Seafood Birthday Noodles 750 php for this medium serving. Gotta have noodles for long life! :)


The one who gives me the biggest grief of all, lol. Just watch the video below, pahirapan talaga ako makakuha ng “I LOVE YOU” from my Babyson, hay! :|

I strongly suggest that you make time to look over the extensive menu no matter how hungry your are. It’s better to choose your favorites than going with what is recommended, so you enjoy your Mabuhay Palace experience to the max. ;) And it also actually comes out relatively cheaper to order ala carte (5,500 php) instead of the per-person set menu (8,000 php) if you are more than 4 pax. Buti nalang good mood si Kap at hindi kami pinagalitan sa katamaran naming magbasa! :P

Babyson, like the rest of his giblings, celebrated his birthday 3 times..


The first was with his high school friends at his favorite restaurant, Four Seasons Hot Pot.

Then  a simpler one at home on his actual birthday. <3 He always comes home late & gets to eat dinner at around 9pm na so he didn’t want any fuss, just the traditional misua then off to study & bed at around midnight. Kawawang buhay estudyante.

Your parents are old school, so we will hug you on your birthday instead of pressing the LIKE button on your Facebook, and we will ATTEMPT to sing you Happy Birthday many times instead of tagging you in tweets on Twitter..

His birthday gift from the fambam. <3 I’m glad he has upgraded to more classic footwear instead of the faddish rubber shoes he is more accustomed to buying & collecting. Pati panlasa ng binata ko nag-iiba na.

Anak, you are one of the 3 reasons we look forward to life with a smile, and you are also one of the only 3 reasons your dad & I look back on life with a smile. Happy birthday Babyson, may all your dreams & wishes come true. And may God grant you the desires of your heart & give you success in all your endeavors. We love you! :-*

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