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Lush Hour at Mesclun

The PIG SIGNAL lit up in the sky again a couple of weeks ago. I grabbed my pig capelet and hurriedly met up with the rest of the fun hogs at MESCLUN BISTRO in Serendra. :P The Bossman had us there for the LUSH HOUR to sample the unlimited drinks (wine & cocktails from their list) at 490 php net from 5-8 pm.

Because it was a drinking thing, I asked Ate to be my plus one instead of Kap. He doesn’t drink, so Ate will be a more fun companion for the bottomless sesh! ;)) All the nice photos that you see here, she took. The rest of the blah pics, you know who to throw ripe tomatoes at, lels.


Mesclun Bistro Serendra

G/F Serendra, 11th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 954-2100






I gave myself a 3-drink limit because of the sugar content, not the alcohol teehee. Which was perfect since the cocktail choices were pared down to 3. <3 This is the yummy Mango Mojito.



Next on our list was the frozen strawberry margarita.


And last was the Ginger Caipirinha which was my absolute favorite because of the spiciness factor. <3



But in the spirit of full disclosure, I must admit that Ate & I did have several glasses of this very lovely ROSE WINE after the 3-limit cocktails, teehee! :P AND we had a driver of course.



I love spending time with my beautiful girl. Not only because she takes GREAT photos, not only because she’s my drinking buddy, but because I genuinely enjoy her company. <3 She’s my bestest, best friend ever.


For a similar recipe on GINGER CAIPIRINHA cocktail, CLICK HERE.


In between drinking, we also got to try the bar chow which I have to say, makes for the best bar chow I’ve ever had. Honestly.




Yakuza Chicken 295 php. Japanese-style marinated crunchy chicken fillet katsu style.


Buffalo Balls 315 php. Chicken meatballs in buffalo & blue cheese sauce.


Escargots 345 php. French snails, garlic-parseley butter, baguettine.


Andre’s Poke 345 php. Tuna ceviche, soy-sesame dressing, sriracha matonaisse crostinis.


This is a MUST HAVE when you visit Mesclun. I must warn you that it’s very spicy though. Which was perfect for me & my lovely Ate. <3


Portobello mushroom duxelles. Fresh portobello mushroom truffle oil crostinis.


Blue cheese salpicao 525 php. US tenderloin, mushrooms, & blue cheese sauce.


Charcuterie & cheese platter 845 php. Parma ham, salume calabrese, gruyere, grana padano, cornichons, baguettine.


Shrimps & Anchovies Flammekeuche 295 php. Shrimps, anchovies, arugula, creme fraiche, and garlic oil on alsatian-style flatbread pizza with house made creme fraiche.


Four cheese sourdough pizza 345 php. Cream sauce, mozarella, fontina. gorgonzola, and goat cheese.


It was a super fun night filled with naughty kwentos because everyone was already “slightly” drunk & had no access to mouth filters! ;P Our laughters must have reached the other end of Serendra, hahaha.



With LEN, THE MOMMIST around and the KTG, it was bound to be a super cray evening! ;))


Many thanks Boss Spanky, for another night filled with laughter. And many thanks MESCLUN BISTRO and Chef Katrina Kuhn-Alcantara for having us & not booting us out even with our boisterous laughter & for-adults-only language.

On a more serious note, allow me a very special shout out to my dear reader who has been so supportive of me & my blog. Thank you NIEL. How I wish we met at a much pleasant circumstance. Nonetheless, it was lovely meeting you & your family! <3


photo 3

Please excuse my bedraggled appearance. I has been a very long, hot, humid (and alcoholic) day. :P

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