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Lurra Wellness Spa

I’ve been noticing more aches & pains lately -now that I have advanced more in years. :P On the lower back, on my knees & joints, my feet. Even on my hands & fingers. The onset of rayuma possibly, plus the summer months contributed a lot I’m sure to all my “lamig” from the natuyong pawis. You know, those bumps & “air pockets” under your skin & just above your muscle that is oh so very painful?

At least twice a month, Kap & I call a masseuse for home service. But even in the comforts of your home, nothing beats getting a massage in a full scale spa with waterfall & nature music in the background. No distractions of phone calls or your staff interrupting your peace & quiet. The correct massage bed (you know the one with the hole for your face). A waterfall shower & steam bath before the massage that opens up the pores & relaxes your aching & hardened joints. Do you agree? :)

For our girls day out, my 2 lovely daughters joined me for an afternoon of pampering at Lurra Wellness Spa in Acacia Hotel Manila. I was yearing for a HILOT massage and Lurra Wellness Spa has well-trained (and silent, non-talkative) therapists on hand to offer massages and treatments that provide total rejuvenation. (Don’t you just hate it when your daldalerang masahista at home massages you with one hand because she’s texting on her phone with the other? Story of my life!).



We were met by my good friend, the TALL & statuesque MARLA MENDOZA who endorsed & left us in the able hands of our therapists.



Before we started, we were treated to tea & cookies. A good massage can give your body quite a workout & an appetite to boot! So a snack beforehand is always a good idea. This is included in your treatment so go ahead & indulge. :)



The 3 of us fit perfectly in the cozy locker with some room to spare. The girls & I took fancy (and played with) our locks! ;)) We are such children at heart.



Lurra Wellness Spa has its clients’ comfort & well-being in mind & has so graciously thought of our needs ahead of time. We were pleasantly surprised to be presented with disposable slippers AND undies on top of plush towels & robe to use during our short stay! Thank you Lurra Wellness Spa for your thoughtfulness! <3



Remember to HYDRATE after using the steam room. And never stay more than 10 minutes inside. I felt safe that a staff guarded Ate just outside the door as she enjoyed the steam bath. Again, Lurra Wellness Spa so thoughtfully provided a water station right outside the steam room.



Lurra Wellness Spa has rooms for 3, 2, and 1 available. I loved that we were able to stay three-gether. We were bonding, after all. <3

Open daily from 3:30 PM to 12 MN at the 3rd Floor with in-room massage available until 3 AM, Lurra Wellness Spa, Lurra, meaning “Earth” in old Spanish, is a guaranteed haven for rest and relaxation. Our massages were an hour & 15 minutes well-spent.


Rejuvenating Foot Reflexology 1 hour- Php 580 / 30 minutes Php 300. Rouse your senses with foot treatment that starts off with a gentle foot scrub followed by a massage to touch the different reflex points which are connected to our internal organs.

Before I got there, I already knew what treatment I was getting. The 1 hour and 15 minutes Filipino Hilot Massage / Php 1,000Hilot is Philippines traditional massage which has been practiced for generation. It is also known as a healing therapy for its power to cure pains and illnesses. This therapy involves heat, banana leaves, coconut oil and a healing massage with a total of 7 strokes.

I was literally wrapped in warm banana leaves & it felt oh so good. Kulang nalang si Kap, binalot at pares na kami! ;)


Meanwhile, my Lovey opted for a 1 hour Aromatherapy Massage Php 980 (additional 30 mins. Php 490). This relaxing massage helps relieve tension and ease stress by using different scents to heal the mind and body. Choose from four essential oils that each have is own unique benefit: Lavender (calming), Lemongrass (energizing); Rosewood (uplifting) and Peppermint (strengthening). My Lovey got the peppermint because we were sharing a room & I’m asthmatic & cannot endure strong-smelling scents like lavender & rosewood.

For my body-conscious Ate, the 1 hour and 15 minutes Lurra Body Scrub (with Back Massage) Php 1,200 served the purpose. Between a choice of Sea Salt Body Scrub which promises to remove dead skin cells to bring out younger looking skin for the natural glow. And the Coffee Scrub that guarantees to minimize the appearance of cellulite & aid in the even toning and exfoliating of skin, she chose the latter.


Other Spa Packages available:

REVITALIZE Php 780 | 1 hour Hand and Foot Reflexology with Scalp Massage

REJUVENATE Php 780 | 1 hour Back and Scalp Massage with Foot Reflexology

LUXURIATE Php 1,400 | 2 hours Lurra Body Scrub with Foot Reflexology

30 MINUTE ACACIA HEAD & SHOULDERS MASSAGE Php 300 | 1 hour and 15 minutes/ Php 1,200

After more than an hour of being rubbed, stroked, and pampered at Lurra Wellness Spa, we 3 gals felt rejuvenated & renewed. Best of all, all my lamig were massaged to oblivion & I was able to walk straight & a little brisker again without my body malaise.


I love bonding with my girls. <3

Thank you so much Lurra Wellness Spa, my dear friend Marla Mendoza, and Acacia Hotel Manila for a very refreshing afternoon! <3

Lurra Wellness Spa is at the third floor of Acacia Hotel Manila. For inquiries and reservations, call 720-2000 or e-mail Visit them at 5400 East Asia Drive corner Commerce Avenue Filinvest Corporate City, Muntinlupa City.

My girls & I loved our treatments so much that we got Kap a WELLNESS PACKAGE as a belated Father’s Day gift for only Php 5,000! That’s 10 sessions -well 5 actually because of course I’m getting the half hahaha! :P So now we have a couple’s massage scheduled, and more to follow. Sorry but no sneak peak for that one!


I can REALLY get used to this lifestyle. <3 Up next, our New Orlean-themed dinner at Acaci!

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