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Sister Diaries: Lung Hin Marco Polo Hotel

It’s very very rare that I get to spend time with my sister in law. When she came into the family, I was very eager in welcoming her because I was the only girl & I have been longing for a sister the longest time. Plus I wasn’t particularly close to my only sibling. So I laid out the welcome mat thinking I’d finally have my very own sister & companion.

My fantasy of a sister would be someone whom I’d have the relationship my 2 girls have now. Each other’s best friend & ally.


Unfortunately for me, and what I didn’t factor into the equation, was she was coming into the family not for me -but for my brother. And they were in the honeymoon phase of not getting enough of each other. So hanging out with her like I thought I would, went poof into the air. :P

Then the kids started coming in one after the other so the less time we got to spend. Plus, my SIL already had 4 sisters whom she was very close to. There was no actual need to add me into the happy picture.

So my hopes of building a solid yaya sisterhood with her didn’t push through. But that’s not to say that I don’t love her. I do. As much as I love my brother & their kids. But the close ties I was hoping for didn’t get to materialize.

A couple of weeks ago, I was happily surprised when she invited mom & I for lunch at the new Marco Polo Hotel, a 5-star contemporary business hotel in Ortigas. We had to attend to some business details, thus the get-together, but the surprise lunch was something I happily delved into. Of course, the fact that I’ve never been to the new Marco Polo Hotel heighened the excitement.

My SIL is the exact opposite of my brother and my mother, haha. My SIL is super galante. So I knew I was going to be in for a treat. Busog lusog na naman ako! ;)

It was thanksgiving so CUSINA was booked solid and since we didn’t have a reservation, we were directed to LUNG HIN, the chinese rertaurant of Marco Polo. The restaurant was very polished looking & I was impressed actually with the hotel. From the simple yet elegant decor to the food.

Lung Hin, Marco Polo Hotel

Marco Polo Hotel, Sapphire Road, Ugong, Pasig (02) 720-7777




The lobby isn’t very grand, but then again, I didn’t go there for the lobby. ;)


I was so excited to try CUSINA, but my heart was crushed when they wouldn’t accommodate us. Of course, I couldn’t work my charm because I was only a guest. Nakakahiya kay SIL if magpumilit naman ako, lels. But I’m sure they could have squeezed us in. Wala pang tao noh at ta-tatlo lang kami huhu. Too bad. Next time!

But I was happy to get to try their chinese resto, LUNG HIN. And it was soooo very pretty & elegant that my disappointment vanished instantly.




Dimsum all you can is available too at 900++/person. Will definitely come back for this with Kap & the kids. <3





We started with (Hakaw) Steamed Shrimp Dumplings 220 php. The prawns were so crunchy & fresh. Noms! <3


and this Steamed Pork Siomai with Truffle Sauce. We were only on dim sum & I was already so captivated by Lung Hin! So sad Pasig is like a mountain away from where I live! </3


SIL ordered the Pan-fried Radish Cake with XO sauce. It was on the spicy side. So it was all mine! \m/


Next came this spicy Jellyfish & Century Egg. Separate orders actually but we asked for these to be put together in one plate.


This Sauteed Stir-fried Squid with Mashed Salted Eggs & Seasoning is THE BOMB, I tell ya -if you like salted egg, that is. Must order. Different from the usual salt & peppered squid. 380 php.


I told you my SIL was generous! We couldn’t decide on a soup so she got both! <3 Spinach for them, and Hot & Sour for me. I was a happy piglet.


Pork Buns which is the rage in all chinese restos now. I must say, I like this a whole lot better than THW’s. The bun was so tender & sweet, the filling piping hot & with enough meat that you can actually see it. ;)

9 dishes. And those were just our appetizers! Can you tell we’re a hungry bunch? I was enjoying immensely.. look at my glow! :)) Only 3 things can make me glow happily like this. Seeing Kap, being with the kids, and eating glorious food!


Thank you so much Akim for such an enjoyable lunch! <3


Diced Beef Cubes with Goose Liver 680 php. While looking over the menu, I was wondering how they would incorporate the goose liver into the beef. On the side lang pala. :P


Also this Sweet & Sour Pork with Blueberries 380 php. I got excited with the twist only to find out the blueberries were just there for decoration. I loved this dish nonetheless, and find it one of the best S&S pork I’ve ever had. <3


Fried Rice with dried Scallops.


Butchi that I requested. Yes, makapal talaga ang mukha ko! :P


and Masachi. Sweet endings for a sweet, sweet day!

I love that Marco Polo Hotel played with textures. Everywhere you go, there is a surprise waiting for you -be it on the wall, the ceiling, or the floor. Being there is a feast not just for the belly but for the eyes as well. I will definitely be going back with the brood very very soon!





Thank you so much Akim for taking time from your busy, busy schedule to spend the day with us. And treating us to lunch too! <3 Sana may repeat hahahahaha!

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