Lunch with my Dearest

It’s been forever since my dearest & I went on a date. So when she invited me out today, nothing & no one can keep me from seeing her! <3

After a quick doctor’s appointment, I hopped, skipped & jumped merrily away to Mona Lisa to meet my dearest. Had so much fun talking & eating.. she did the talking, I did the eating! ;))

Here’s what we I had… nomnomnom!!! <3

Attacking the bread basket while waiting for Marina..
tasty spreads (tomato, herb butter, pesto).. loved the tomato best! <3
Cheese & cracker platter..
Spaghetti Polpette (tomato with meatballs)
Sicilian Salad
Haha I asked my Lovey to hide, kawawa!!! ;))
She’s still seen though!
She went with me to my Doctor’s appointment.
Penne al Forno alla Calabrese
(Penne with meat sauce, ham & mozzarella)
Pannacotta. This. is. HEAVENNNN!!!

My lovey & her ninang.

I’ve missed you so much dearest!! Thank you for a fun, fun, fun day!! Love you!!! Please be well!!! :-*

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