Lunch at Circles

We celebrated Nancy’s birthday and despedida today.. But Joy is treating –coz we’re weird that way haha. Since my Shang discount card expires today, we decided to celebrate in Circles! On a sad note, Nancy is going back to Canada next week. It will be ages again before we go on another date! :(

We will miss you, Nancy!! :(

Where there are birthdays, gifts aren’t far behind. :) Buying nancy a gift isn’t hard. But THINKING of what to give someone who already has everything in life is TOUGH I tell you! @_@ Also, since she’s leaving, she can’t bring heavy stuff, so size and weight is another factor to consider. Sigh…

I can’t afford Hermes (where her taste runs) so that’s definitely out of the question hehe! ;P The kids and I circled every store imaginable trying to look for the perfect gift, when suddenly I remembered her great fondness for mirrors!!! As in she always carries a mirror in her hand haha. So when I saw this, I knew it would be the perfect gift! ;) I also decided to get one for Joy. I super owe her for not having greeted her on her actual birthday! :(( (Sorry Joy -Love you! :-*)

Cheetah print for Nancy, Zebra for Joy. Coz she’s more docile hahaha! ;))
And yes.. after just 1 day, I broke my diet huhuhu!!! :'( Just look at what’s on my plate -I mean PLATES! :P
This one I finished..
This one I also finished!!! @_@
This one nahiya na ako hehe.. I just ate HALF! :P
But to my credit, I DIDN’T DRINK SODAAAA!!! ;))
I know, I know, I’m so bad! But how can you resist all these yummy food??? And I didn’t want Joy to waste her money, teehee!!! :P I’ll just start my “diet” again tomorrow!!!
Jelly fish, roasted duck & asado! <3
Roast beef!
Vegetable Pie..
Assorted fruits.. (I wanted to smuggle some out haha!)
And such a wonderful assortment of dessert!!! <3 <3 <3

For an extra fee, you can have unlimited flavored Iced Tea (200) or an assortment of wine (700)
I’m really gonna miss our food trips dates. But at least Joy & I can look forward to December (and our pasalubongs hehehe!) when Nancy comes back! ;)
And look what they gave my babies!!! <3 <3 <3
Nancy read my blog & bought this SINIGANG shirt for my baby!
Thank you tita Nancy!!! :-*
And Joy knows how much we love sweets so she gave the kids Pastillas!!! <3
I may not have sisters, but my kids sure found themselves titas in Nancy & Joy who spoil them every time! :) Love you, see you very very soooooonnnnnnnn!!!! :-*

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