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Luna Specialty Coffee

When my babyson was a small boy, he had a fascination with Batman. Yes, Batman. Out of all the superheroes, it was Batman he connected with the most.

Over the years though, he outgrew his fondness of anything & everything Batman. Until lately. He changed his profile pic to the Dark Knight, and even bought socks bearing the design.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.38.10 AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.44.24 AM

One day, he asked me if we could get the shirt he ordered from UNDER ARMOUR. It was a dri-fit Batman shirt that costs almost 3k Php. Namangha ako. What sorcery is this? Nagbalik sa pagkabata? But of course, we all went to get the precious shirt.


Lightweight UA Tech™ fabric with an ultra-soft, natural feel for unrivalled comfort | Signature Moisture Transport System wicks sweat & dries fast | Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor causing microbes | Smooth flatlock seams allow chafe-free motion | 3.9 oz. Polyester


Under Armour Alter Ego Baselayer SuperHero T-Shirts - DC Comics and Marvel - Superman, Iron Man, Batman, Captain America and Hulk

Under Armour Alter Ego Baselayer SuperHero T-Shirts – DC Comics and Marvel – Superman, Iron Man, Batman, Captain America and Hulk. So cute that I wanted to buy him ALL 6. Wag daw. Mahina ang kalaban.

Since we were going to BGC, I thought we might as well grab a quick brunch before any retail shopping was to be made. I needed my energy for what lay ahead. :P

Ate suggested Luna Specialty Coffee. I was hesitant because I wanted something more filling than coffee shop food. But then she said: “Look through the Instagram account first mom before you make a decision.” True enough, it warranted a visit. ASAP. Hindi lang sya pang-isports kape, pang pamilya pa! ;)


My babyson is at this annoying phase now where I can’t take a decent photo of him. He is ultra resistant at being photographed & tries to ruin it whenever he can, hmp! Di bale, you just added character to it hehe. So there! :P



That is actually a working coffee drip.



Luna Specialty Coffee

G/F NAC Tower, 32nd St., Fort Bonifacio, Taguig (02) 403 3449

We were surprised to find congressman Lino Cayetano there. The Cayetanos are family friends. Ren, the one before Lino, is one of Kap’s first friends in Alabang & their friendship has spanned almost 20 years. He is also my babyson’s ninong.



The Cayetanos are really so humble & down to earth in spite of their stature. Which makes them beloved in the eyes of their constituents. Lino sat with us briefly & we caught up. When people started coming in, he was so friendly & hands on, assisting them & offering/clearing tables for hungry customers.

Looking over the menu, I decided to get several (okay fine THREE) orders for myself because of the super affordable price points. I was thinking the serving would probably be small and hey, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Don’t judge! :P


To my pleasant surprise, the servings were BIG. Not enough for 2, but filling enough for one, considering how moderately priced they were. #TakawTingin



Doesn’t this make for a pretty picture? Ginutom naman ako.



My Barako Drip 110 php, Babyson’s House Blend Iced Tea 100 php, and Lovey’s Flat Top Candiccino 140 php -which she loved! <3 Do try their candiccino line when you visit. They’re really lipsmackingly good!



Ate’s Angus Pares on ginger rice 330 php. So good that she ate it with rice! White pa. Imagine that.



My babyson’s Corned Beef Tapa On crispy pork rice 290 php. Looks tough, but I promise you I had a bite & it’s soft & tender.



and BLT Pandesal 245 php. Luna’s version of the bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich plus their very own bacon-style crispy beef tapa! <3



My Lovey’s Corned Beef Tapa on crispy pork rice 290 php. She’s happy coz she likes eggs & here she got TWO!



My Smoked Bangus on tuyo rice 220 php.. and so are the rest of the food below hahaha! #pigmodeon I wouldn’t mind ordering this again on our next visit. Best eaten with vinegar. The maanghang version. Yum! <3



Binagoongan Omelette 180 php. A different take so I knew I had to order itt he moment I saw it on the menu. See? I had a reason!



What’s inside.. <3 Generous filling of binagoongang baboy.



Longganisa Pandesal. 160 php. Longganisa strips with red egg aioli, tomatoes, longganisa bits and salted kesong puti. instead of the usual pandesal Luna uses flat bread.



Cookie Knick Knacks 130 php. Curpy tops & cookie crumbs on vanilla ice cream. MUST!! Love!! <3

Luna Specialty Coffee is now our go-to place for breakfast. I want to try so many other dishes this lovely coffee shop has to offer.

Thank you Lino for sending over these sweets. Love from a delighted Miz Piggy. :-*


The tables go really fast so better call ahead to make a reservation. The best seats are always taken. Speaking of TAKEN.. she THINKS she’s available. But Mommy has certain conditions! :P


Available nga sya.. BUT WITH CONDITIONS. 😂 Must be mother-approved! Requirements: – College graduate (with masters if possible) – With own PROFITABLE & expanding business – Home & car owner (several if possible) – Meaning NOT mother-dependent – Willing to spoil not just wife but MOST OF ALL, the mother in law! – Loves to eat AND exercise AND travel (and yes, willing to take MIL along.. not to the exercise part though) – At least 25 years old but not over 30. – And most importantly. Last but not the least, a CHRISTIAN & family-oriented (Pero hindi mama’s boy) Princess in waiting. #PagdatingNgPanahon #HindiPaNgayon #ShawieAndKC


Ang daming kundisyones ng nanay! :P

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