Luk Foo

It’s been a while since we had a meal in Luk Foo (puregold). It’s the closest (& cheapest) way I can get my hands on a roast duck, which I was oh so craving for dinner tonight! ;P

As ate has been gallivanting with her friends lately (almost every day AND NIGHT, might I add!), only my 2 babies were able to join me for my duck craving!

Peking duck (half – 2 ways) 850 php
1st way – wrapped
2nd way – minced
Hot & Sour Soup (small) 150 php
Steamed garlic fish 280 php
Salt & Pepper Spareribs 260 php
Birthday noodles 230 php
Yang Chow fried rice 210 php
Complimentary Mango Sago <3
and YES. It was just the 3 of us sharing this sumptuous FEAST.
TAKAW to the max! ;P
We do have doggy bag pasalubong for Dad & ate.

My summer days have been filled to the brim with kids’ activities that my blogging has been erratic. It’s like silent for a few days, then bombarding you with succession of news the next. Sorry about that.

I’m really enjoying my summer with the kids (not much the weather!). I dread the day when they have to go back to school again. Especially ate! :'(( Barely a month left! Boo!

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