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Lugawan Republic

This hubby of mine is one unpredictable guy. We could be lying down one minute in our jammies ready to sleep & he’d ask us all for a Mcdo ice cream run the next. You’ll never know what’s going on in his head, I swear. One night, he suddenly wanted to go for a lugaw (congee) run! And supportive wife that I am, we made a dash for it. :P I’ve learned to adjust my taste with Kap (itan Kunat). And I’m always ready to go where he will take me. Sometimes, in very VERY rare occasions, it’s a pleasant surprise. But most of the time, it’s where I expect him to take me. Like on our lugaw run to LUGAWAN REPUBLIC! :P

Lugawan Republic B.F. Homes

B.F. Homes, Parañaque
(02) 706-1000




He had the PILUGAW at 90 php. If you think that’s cheap, they have “special pinoy congee” that costs 18.00! Now this is definitely Kap’s cup of lugaw tea. ;)





While I had the basic with add-ons. He said pati daw sa lugaw maluho ako! :P Oh puh-leeeze! @_@



60 php + My add ons: tito (intestines) 35 php, goto 35 php, black mushrooms 45 php = 175 php! Hindi ako pumasok sa 100 php budget ni Kap!



And I really really can’t be happy with just one order. So he allowed me to get a side order of tokwa’t baboy which I shared with him. Mabait naman ako eh.




Meanwhile, our son takes his date to Ginzadon & the like where they eat 500 php per order of sushi. FML. KMN. WAL! (For those of you who are not “IN” like me: FML=Fuck my life. KMN=Kill me now. WAL=What a life.) In fairness, I liked our lugaw run. Hot food for the belly & romantic glances across each other with matching footsies at 12 midnight! I could live with that. :P


PS: Excuse me. Hindi po pajama yang suot ko. Leggings po yan from Forever 21 (plus size nga lang!)  #defensive ;)

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