Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant

To celebrate the fact that we were all still alive on the fateful doomsday of 12.21.12 haha (but mostly because we were all very hungry, having skipped lunch to prepare for the parade!), we went to our favorite chinatown for a quick dinner before heading home.

President’s Grand Palace Restaurant was brimming with people since the mayor decided to treat all the manileneans to a christmas party there, so we scoped the area for an alternative. We chanced upon this new-ish restaurant called LUCKY RAINBOW SEAFOOD RESTAURANT. How apt! We were feeling lucky blessed that day! ;)

Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant

Sabino Padilla St.,ManilaPhilippines
Jelly fish with Century Egg 480 phph (large)
Extra century egg 88/piece. 

Yang chow Fried Rice 380 php (large)
Spicy Baguio Beans with Minced Pork 280 php
Beef Hofan 300 php
(not bad, beef was aplenty! m/)
Our personal favorite that night <3
Lucky Chicken 600 php
our 2nd favorite. The white meat was juicy. The skin, cripsy.
Swahe. So fresh, just caught off the aquarium haha.
Hungry Gators! :P
Of course, BUCHI will always be around.

My hunny pie being my hunny pie, he interviewed the manager. He asked who the cook was because he was impressed with our food that night (and that’s saying A LOT coz he’s really mapihikan!) We learned that they imported 2 cook form hongkong to the tune of 180k EACH a month! @_@ OMG magku-cook nalang ako haha! ;P

The place is not that pleasing to the eyes. Maliit lang. But the food is AWESOME! Parang nag-hongkong ka na rin, promise! <3

I’m so glad we discovered this new place. I don’t know HOW excatly to get there haha. But it’s just a few steps away from President’s (if you know where that is!).

Ahhhhhh.. to be ALIVE & KICKING! ;))

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  • Reply Rochie Ira

    Swahe never goes out of the table when we dine in with my husband. Never tried that Jelly fish with Century Egg. Is it good?

    June 29, 2015 at 8:45 pm
    • Reply sugargospice

      An acquired taste – the jelly fish & century egg. :) For us it is.

      June 29, 2015 at 10:54 pm

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