Lucky Chinatown Mall

So, after our day at the Ronac Art Center, we still had time to kill before ate got out from school. And taking advantage of our dear Anderson, we asked to be dropped off at the new Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo!

I heard it was another upscale project of Resorts World in the heart of chinatown, so naturally my interest was piqued!

The huge Lucky Chinatown in the heart of Binondo!
The mall did not disappoint! I couldn’t believe I was really in Binondo! The aircon was soooo cold, the mall was soooo clean. And more importantly, there wasn’t a lot of people!
My babies! <3
The clientele were mostly students from the nearby chinese schools.
My babies felt right at home, jejeje! ;))
Bongga talaga, may CONCIERGE pa! ;)
As we had 2 hours to kill before ate met up with us, we watched Katy Perry’s PART OF ME. At first, I was dreading watching this movie coz I thought it would be boring. The trailer wasn’t exactly insightful. To my amazement, it was FAR from boring & I would watch it again if I could. KP’s story is so inspiring. And let’s not get started with the FANTABULOUS costumes! @_@
Philippine showing was Sept. 1
I had a huge lump in my throat the whole time.
This movie most certainly made me an instant FAN of KP!

There were only the 3 of us watching the movie that afternoon so the manager had second thoughts about letting us buy tickets –sobrang lugi sila! In the end though, my “charm” won out & we had an EXCLUSIVE screening of KP’s Part of Me movie. Wow, this is the LIFE! ;))
Ate finally met up with us, yay! <3 They stalked COTTON ON, willing it to open SOON! ;)) I’m guessing this will be her new after-school hangout hahaha! :P

Inspired by the movie, my Lovey went in search for THE kp perfume. Combed the mall from top to bottom, nope they didn’t have it. So, we went to Rustan’s MAKATI (yessssss) for the sought-after perfume! oh-em-gee, FML!

So happy with the new KP fragrance in PINK.
MEOW! 3700 php (biggest size)
But of course, meron din si ate! :P
Bulgari Omnia Red 2898 php (smallest size)

Capping off our most adventurous day was dinner at their childhood favorite.. SAISAKI! m/ We have most certainly missed saisaki. Every occasion, every celebration, every event, saisaki has been a part of! Too bad it upped & left our area just when it has left it’s mark deep within our hearts. :'((

Plate, after plate, after plate of heart-warming saisaki favorites! 

That was a really loooong day for me. Old age is catching up, I don’t think I can do more of these mall marathons with the kids! @_@ Gotta stock up on those vitamins. Toodles! <3

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