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Love, Ms. Piggy (PDA)

Went to another wake a couple of Sundays ago. The Husband of 58 years suddenly had a heart attack, leaving the wife widowed. I hate love stories that have bad, and inevitable, endings. Why can’t we live forever? Or die together? :'(

As I was taking to the wife, she reminisced about the life they had twogether. Yes, TWO-gether, apart from the kids & grandkids. For more than 20 years they were empty-nesters & living on their own doing everything together. And now she’s all alone & clueless as to how she will live without him. I wanted to take her home right there & then. I felt really really bad & hope neither Kap & I will be in that place for a long, long time.

Kap just turned 46 (its my turn next waaaa!) and mortality for us is now a looming, foreseen fact. Which is why I’m always extra loving & extra showy with my feelings. People oftentimes mistake it for PDA (public display of affection) but I really don’t care. If you love someone, and it’s not forbidden, why try to hide it?

Whenever I’m with Kap, I love touching him every second. It’s like memorizing our time together. I like sleeping close beside him on the bed, or holding hands while watching the telly. I like looking into his eyes when we talk & tell stories of our day together. I love leaning on to him whenever I get the chance, or rubbing his face, his arms. Any kind of contact, I crave every minute of every day. it’s called making most of the time you have. And leaving your mark.


A disorganized mess but still touching & entwined. <3 I have trained him well to search for me & want me even in his sleep. Yes I’m selfish. I don’t want to be easily forgotten. I want him to miss me & look for me when I won’t be around anymore. What about you, are you also leaving your mark? Or are you making it easy for him to forget you?

Life is so fleeting. Why hide your feelings? Who cares if you’re old & gray & flirty? It’s a badge of honor proudly to be displayed. Not everyone gets to a certain age & still loopy in love with their better halves. So I say, SHOUT YOUR LOVE TO THE WORLD. No one lives forever. Wouldn’t you be happy knowing you showed that someone how much you loved him while you are still together? Not when they’re 6 feet under?

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