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Love, Ms. Piggy (What Matters Most)

Si Kap, like any other guy, he would turn his head when he sees pretty ladies or them bitches with svelte, hour-glass figures. @_@ At first, I would be really REALLY upset & we would get in a huge, big fight. I mean it was really insulting. Especially before when I was at the prime of my life with a waist I can actually call a waist!

But then as time passed, I realized that all guys are like that, It’s second nature to them to want to appreciate beauty in all its glory. It doesn’t mean that he loves me any less by looking. It’s what I consider harmless flirting. Pero dapat unreciprocated! Ibang usapan na pag naglalandian right under your nose!

People sometimes think that when couples have been together for quite a bit, the relationship becomes boring. That there’s no more jealousy, there’s no more spark. On the contrary, we’re even more passionate than before because we know time is running out in our love story. We’re growing old & the passages in our book is more than halfway through.

Kap & I, we have what the kids call a “mating call”. Yes, just like the whales, it’s a singsong voice we use when we are flirting. We also giggle like kids, wrestle on the bed & tickle each other silly ’til we’re both panting & blue in the face. The kids have accepted that their parents are weirdos & although they won’t admit it, they find us cute (I’m sure!). :P They even take stolen shots which I really appreciate because when I see it from a 3rd person’s perspective, feeling ko Dyosa pa rin ako with the way my man still looks at me & loves me in spite of the unwanted pounds, the triple chin, the wrinkles & the dull, dry hair and sagging skin.


PicMonkey Collage

On the left: Talking to each other after a long day apart & telling each other how our day went. Even when we talk, we make it a point to always hold hands & look at each other in the eye. Quality time over quantity is what’s best. You can be together the whole day & not connect, or be together for a few hours but really communicate. I really love this shot because it summarizes the way Kap & I feel for each other until now. And I hope until we’re both old & gray. <3


As you can see, this is really how we sleep. Limbs across each other’s body with Lelly as the saling pusa. Our husbands can look at pretty & sexy girls all they want, but at the end of the day, what matters most is the love & affection you share. I can never get my youth & sexy back, but who needs that when I’ve got my senior citizen right beside me, ready to face & conquer the world together ’til the end. <3

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