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Love, Ms. Piggy (You Can’t Hurry Love)

You can’t hurry love
No, you just have to wait
She said love don’t come easy
It’s a game of give and take

In my case, it’s you can’t RUSH love. Kap is SUCH a slowpoke. A slowpoke AND a super busy person so it’s double the frustration for me whenever we have to go somewhere. I like being on time every time, so I get mini heart attacks whenever we would be late.

I’ve learned to adjust my call time so we’d get to places early. I’d tell him we have to be someplace an hour early so we have leeway with all his dilly-dallying. But Kap wisend up & figured it out, frick. So now we’re back to Filipino time.

Ever since I’ve been adopted by the KTG, I’ve been going to events left & right courtesy of our benevolent Bossman who has been extending invitations to me left & right. In exchange, I write my posts super fast & I really do my best not to be delayed & get to places on time like a dutiful child to please him. Aside from that, and as impossible as it may seem, I HATE grand entrances & calling unnecessary attention to myself -especially IF I’m late. Tardiness is not something one should be proud of, not even being fashionably late. My mom taught me better. Unfortunately, I am at the mercy of people I hitch rides with most of the time.

A couple of weeks ago, RICHIE invited us to Shine Bakery & Cafe with a bunch of KTG & non-KTG bloggers to try out Shine’s new menu. The more I wanted to get there on time because I don’t like being judged & I always put my best foot forward especially when meeting new people. First impression lasts after all. And I most certainly didn’t want to be known by all as “PAL”.. Person Always Late! :P

Kap ALWAYS has a lot of work to be done with his satellite businesses so even though the call time was 11 AM, we were still at home by 11, to my frustration. I’m really thankful that he can take off work to go to events with me, I really appreciate it, I do. But every single time, it’s a HUGE effort on my part to remind NAG him to get home on time as he still has to shower & sniff around and get his bearings straight before we finally take off.

Every time I swear, it’s a countdown.

Me: Honey what time are you coming home we have to go na!

Him: Ok Sweetheart 30 minutes.

Me: Honey it’s been 30 minutes na please come home na!!!

Him: 10 minutes.


Him: Kanto na ako.

Me: KANTO WHERE??? Kanto ng Amerika???

After 30 more minutes he finally arrives, talks to his mother, talks on the phone, showers, look for clothes, wears clothes, asks me if he looks ok, changes clothes, talks on the phone some more, goes down to put on shoes, asks me if his shoes matches his shirt, goes up to change his shirt even though I tell him he looks ok (even though he doesn’t), and he still ends up looking like my “driver” because he’s always under-dressed AND in cargo shorts!

Anyway, so we finally leave right. Car #1 was with Ate. Car #2 was with Babyson. Car #3 was under maintenance & was in the shop for repair. Car #4 was also under repair because hubby likes to buy old cars (FTW!) for spare so it’s always something or the other. We ride the spare car #1 which turns out the aircon is busted. GAHHHH. At this point my blood was really boiling. So we get down & ride spare car #2 which he just recently purchased to sell (he buys & sells cars on the side as well). It’s a pang-binata car, ya know what I mean? It’s super lowered, smelly, the engine goes Vrooom Vroom ala sports car although it’s definitely not (para kang naka-primera all the way! @_@), the window AND a door both aren’t working so you have to pass the driver’s side. Can you feel my frustration yet?

So. By the time we were on the road, I wasn’t speaking to him anymore and my face was RED with fury. Ang nakaka-bwisit pa. HE is SO CHILL! Look at his face even as I sat there seething. TIGNAN NYO!!! What is pang-asar! @_@


Picture 1

Despite all his flaws, Kap is always so patient with me. He is the calm to my storm. <3


But as always, all’s well that ends well. We’re a bit late, I’m a bit (okay a lot) pissed, but at the end of the day, we’re okay. I’ve come to accept that he will always be late. And he has come to accept that I will forever be rushing. And yet, I will always still choose to go with him than on my own, and he will always choose to drop everything to go with me.



Kap & me, we ayt. ;)


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