Kap & Me

Love, Ms. Piggy (Spend vs. Save)

Kap & I, we’re total opposites. He is a TIGHTWAD. He will save & save on everything. And I mean EVERYTHING!¬†Money in his wallet can last for a week without being touched. I on the other hand, always abuse my wallet. It’s always empty.

When we go to a movie, he will bring mineral water because the ones sold in the cinema are expensive (I swear). Whenever the kids & I want to buy drinks in Starbucks, he doesn’t say a word (okay he does but not much –mga pasimple lang like: “bibili ka pa?” and I just ignore him hehe) but you can see on his face that he is not pleased.

Or when we buy popcorn. He will tell us to buy a big bag instead of individual bags then he will ask the cashier for extra empty bags & divide the contents equally for us to share in the cinema. To save some bucks which will not even make us millionaires. But that’s the way he is. (Read: FRESH OFF THE BOAT. Story of our life!)

When we go out, the kids know not to shop. Or else world war 3 na yan between mom & dad. And Kap, when he gets angry, he gives me the MEGA silent treatment. Ma-grudge yan. Our “fights” could last for days which is why I really do my best not to make him angry coz I end up suffering, not him. Sumasakit ang dibdib ko sa ngitngit. May dabog siya, then curt replies when I ask him something just so he would talk to me -with the matching cold face & grinding teeth. So yeah, the kids know not to spend when with their dad. :P

On the occasion that they do buy, the kids already know what to do in the car. They stuff all their purchases into their own bags (which is why they carry big bags all the time), cut off all tags & visible proofs of purchases, throw plastic bags in store garbage bins. And hide their purchases deep within their closets to keep away from sight. In the event that we get caught, we say everything was bought on sale. :P



Why am I telling you this? Because in a marriage, it’s also good to have his & hers accounts. He has his money. You have your money. And you have a third one that is both yours -which can also be your true savings account. I’m not saying that you should hide money from each other. I’m saying have your individual savings & you get to put personal boundaries where you are free to spend your share on things you want without having to ask each others permission. Let’s be practical, there will always be instances when you won’t agree on things to spend on. Then you fight. This way, you avoid unpleasantries. A the same time, one of you still gets to save –in my case, it’s Kap! :P

In a way, it’s also good that Kap & I are poles apart especially when it comes to spending habits, because if we were both extravagant, we’d be in the poorhouse by now. This way, we balance each other. And have a “safeword”. Ours is WILDCARD. It means it’s an unobjectionable item. No questions asked.

Anyway, happy Father’s day to my dear Honey who keeps us grounded and who, although he doesn’t gift us with posh material possesions, shower us with so much love & kindness. We wouldn’t trade you for any other dad in the whole wide world We love you Daddy!!! <3

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