Kap & Me

Love, Ms. Piggy (Patience is a Virtue)

Kap is known as the KJ in our family. No, not Kill Jane -he loves me too much. I mean Kill Joy! ;P Every time he would come home, patay aircon.. patay ilaw.. back to nature ang peg namin. It’s because our electric bill is in the 5-digit/month would you believe?! We have asked Meralco on numerous occasions to check our meter but they insist it’s what we really consume!

He is also known as the noise maker. When he talks on the phone, akala mo naka-megaphone, I swear. I often tell him to pipe it down as he’s too loud. And when he watches TV, it’s turned really high even though he’s already asleep the remote control is glued to his hand & no one else can touch it. Bingi na yata.

Speaking of TV, no fail, he always comes home on the dot at 12 noon for lunch to watch EAT BULAGA. Even if I beg him to change the channel when contestants sing off key which is a BIG turn-off when you’re happily eating your lunch, or when contestants try hard to speak in broken english when they obviously are more comfortable speaking in the mother tongue, he won’t. He’ll make it louder instead just to tune me out. Apart from Bayanihan ni Juan, his favorite is the question & answer portion during contests. Name it.. Mr. Pogi, Super Sireyna, Little Miss Philippines, Ang Joke Ko. That’s laugh trip for him. And yes, I know them all, and it’s Kap’s fault! I can’t do anything but cringe as he watches in delight. @_@

But even with our many differences, we still choose to stay together in 1 room. I would rather be miserable but be near him, than be happy but away from him. Gets? And he feels the same way. I’m a heavy snorer because I’m -to put it delicately, heavy set. :P And Jela, who sleeps with us, is a heavy snorer as well. So whichever side he turns to -to the left or to the right, he hears rolling thunder. He often tells me that Jela & I talk to each other in our sleep & that we should learn to communicate in a quieter way. And yet, he still sleeps beside me. Even when I hog all the pillows & he’s left with the lumpy one. He doesn’t complain when all that’s left on his side of the bed is 12 inches & one wrong move he’s down because apparently, I gravitate towards him even in sleep in our king-sized bed. ;))



Even in purchases. I always buy brand new. I don’t like using people’s used stuff. Who knows where it’s been. But Kap, he NEVER buys brand new (well except for clothes, shoes & toiletries). All his cars, the older better. He is always in sulit.com because he says why buy new when you can buy used at half the price. OMG!!! @_@

In marriages, you can’t be Ken & Barbie living a perfect life. There is no such thing, believe me. You are 2 very different people with different upbringings & lifestyles. So patience is a virtue that must be exercised at all times, coupled with acceptance & understanding. You don’t marry a person and then go about changing him. You adapt. You accept. You live with it.

Marriage is work. And if you’re not ready to get to work, then you have no business getting married. Plain & simple.

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